This 6-Year-Old Instagram Star Is Becoming A Style Icon In Tokyo.

This 6-Year-Old Instagram Star Is Becoming A Style Icon In Tokyo. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you thought you were a stylish diva, you’re in for a rude awakening! There’s a 6-year-old Japanese Instagram star who knows how to dress better than you, and she’s putting most adults to shame. This tot certainly knows how to dress to impress, and she’s breaking the stereotypical look of most 6 year olds. Now, with the help of social media, she’s managed to gain a massive number of followers who are simply obsessed with this pint-sized fashion guru who balances couture, outfits, and homework in ways most adult supermodels only dreamed they could. So, the star who’s dubbed herself the “Pink Princess” is sharing what it took to become the style icon she is today.Her family runs a vintage clothing store called Funktique, in the trendier side of the Tokyo Neighborhood, Harajuku. So, it makes sense that she would have started playing dress up at a very young age.

Coco_PinkPrincess is her popular Instagram account and she currently has 307k followers, who are all marveling at the little beauty with a huge taste for fashion.

If it doesn’t have flair, she won’t wear it, which is why she models a wide range of looks from punk, to puffer jackets thrown over a white button-up, to pink track pants, and so much more.

Misato claims that her daughter became interested in shopping and fashion at age 3, but swears that she was already picking out what to wear from her closet from the age of two.

So Coco is digital BFF with Bella McFadden, a college dropout who runs a mini-empire selling interesting clothing on Depop. But to the Instagram-verse, she’s known as @internetgirl.

She poses in oversized glasses, checkered belts, and gray graphic T-shirts. But that’s just some of the insanely awesome looks that the 6-year-old models in.

Her happiness comes from other things, like when she gets a brand new follower on her Instagram. It makes her feel special and inspires her to continue creating new looks with bold prints and colors.

According to Misato, the sore “is a place for young people that want to explore their fashion interests and just feel free.” Now you see where Coco got her looks from.

She dresses like a grown-up, but she won’t apologize for her style, because it shows her creativity and fashion sense, and we have no doubt that she’s going to make it big in the fashion industry as she grows older.

Coco claims that her father was the one who taught her how to coordinate her styling choices. Way to go, dad! He also guides her and lets her know what’s trending in the fashion world.

She actually prefers to mix high end brands with street brands to create a whole new ensemble. But if she had to choose, she claims she’d go for Comme Des Garcon and Fendi.

Using style and attitude, this little pink princess represents Harajuku in the best way possible, and she doesn’t clutter up Instagram or social media with anything but cuteness.

Her sense of style is straight up, and her poses are model-worthy, innocent, but fierce. So, when you take a look at her Instagram page, you’ll be seeing more than just a kid posing for photos.

Coco will be making you want to take fashion cues directly from her, and you’d be wise to do so. Trust us, you’ll never come up empty-handed when it comes to fashion inspirations from Coco.

Coco is wildly vivacious and inspires nothing but bold and fantastic fashion. But style isn’t the only long-term goal that she’s hoping to achieve. She’d also like to open up a pancake store someday. Sounds yummy!

It seems like someone is ready to go do a little more shopping this evening. Oh, and we love her purse! It’s so mature and trendy.

They so need to hire her as a child fashion model! Her pics are great and she’s got more style than most grown-ups. She should change her name from Coco Pink Princess to the Princess of Swagger. We sure hope she becomes a model in the future.

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