This 70-Year-Old Woman Found The Fountain Of Youth, Her Secret To Fighting Aging Is Incredible

This 70-Year-Old Woman Found The Fountain Of Youth, Her Secret To Fighting Aging Is Incredible March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Norma Williams is defying the hands of time and proving that age is just a state of mind. You would never believe from looking at her that she’s 70-years-old, but this glowing and glamorous woman really is a senior.

Now, she’s taking social media by storm and finally revealing her secrets to looking young. No, we promise she isn’t a vampire. You won’t believe how Williams has turned back the hands of time.

We are currently living in a society that’s obsessed with reversing the signs of aging and remaining young and glamorous for as long as possible.

With new anti-aging treatments popping up almost every day, the beauty industry continues to rake in billions annually as people desperately try to find ways to tighten, smooth and eliminate impurities.

Seeking eternal youth is not a new concept.

In fact, throughout history, you’ll find a wide variety of treatments that have been documented. It is believed that even Cleopatra sought to look forever young and bathed in donkey milk daily because it contained alpha hydroxy, which is known to soften the skin.

For British-born Norma Williams, aging is something not to be feared but embraced.

Running her own travel rental agency in the stunning Umbria region of Italy with her husband, Williams is proving that it is possible to defy Father Time.

Defying expectations is what Norma Williams is all about.

When faced with the possibility of retirement, she laughed and instead chose to run her holiday-home rental company instead. With properties in the beautiful ancient city of Spoleto, Williams is as vibrant as ever in her 70’s!

In an attempt to connect with the younger generation, Williams has embraced both Instagram and Twitter not only to advertise her business but to show off her amazing fashion sense. Although, she loves to plug her business in whenever she can.

For example, her bio reads: “Holiday in Umbria, Italy. See apartments, mountain villas, and pool properties, all in spectacular locations, in and around Spoleto historic center.”.

To say Williams shocked her social media followers when she revealed her age would be an understatement.

No one could believe that this stunning woman that was filled with so much life was actually 70.

Williams revealed to her followers that she doesn’t believe in subscribing to the traditional tropes of growing old and acting your age.

“Age is a state of mind. I don’t live in that state,” Williams announced.

According to Williams, her youthful look is inspired by the world around her. “I live in Italy, the land of beauty, fashion, sun, great food, and wines.

Age is of no concern for the Italian. We all mix together freely, young and old. My Zumba class consists of eight-year-olds, teenagers, 20s, 30s… All the way to me, the nonna of them all.”.

When scrolling through William’s Instagram feed it’s obvious she is someone who loves life and is not shy to try out new fashion.

Showing off her thin frame, she loves black, leather, and big smiles. Living life to the fullest is definitely one of her mottos.

Thanks to the encouragement from her followers, Williams continues to post selfies, while offering tips on aging and embracing youthful vitality.

She loves inspiring others to live their best lives.

According to Williams, the secrets to her youthful glow all stem from hard work and dedication.

If others want to look as good at her age, they have to be willing to put in the time. So, how does she do it?

Williams believes that fighting the signs of aging is all about continuous improvement. “At 70, I continually strive to improve my body shape and health. Takes just a few hours a week.

Luck is a factor. The effort is essential. And lapses are the norm!”.

However, Williams remained very elusive on what she did exactly to maintain her figure and keep her youthful appearance.

Thankfully, she eventually spilled the beans after a story about her went viral thanks to MailOnline.

Williams revealed that she didn’t start taking care of herself until later in life.

In fact, she was over 30 before she decided to start gradually improving her health and overall lifestyle. It wasn’t about making a drastic change overnight, but slowly changing her habits for the better.

Williams revealed that she walks rigorously five times a week, in the morning and in the evening.

Each walk is roughly 7.5 miles in the hills of Italy, which is a great way to burn fat and maintain her lean figure.

Williams also hits the gym twice a week to work with a personal trainer for an hour each session.

She also believes in mixing up her fitness routine every few months and will include yoga and Zumba classes.

Along with her strict exercise, Williams also is very disciplined with her diet.

She makes sure she eats at least three pieces of fruit each day and dinner is always healthy. It’s important to end the day on the right note!

Snacking is something that Williams tries to avoid, though she does have a list of approved items, such as nuts, dried fruits, and low-fat Greek yogurt.

However, she says moderation is the key when it comes to these “naughty nibbles.”.

“I have achieved the way I look through sheer discipline. For instance, I will NEVER eat a giant box of Maltesers ever again.

Up until my late 50s, I would take TWO giant boxes of them into the cinema.” It seems diet and exercise is really the solution. It may seem boring and a no-brainer, but Williams is living proof it works.

Williams also revealed that her new way of eating allows her to indulge in healthier items.

“Now, the most daring things I overindulge in are savory biscuits and lots of them, doorstep toast with lashings of butter, panettone, walnuts with cranberries, roasted cashews, dark chocolate rice biscuits (yum!), jacket potatoes with salad swimming in olive oil and gelato fondant.”.

Despite her discipline, Williams admits that her one vice is drinking wine and it’s something she does allow herself to indulge in.

There’s just no way to quit the spirits, especially in Italy of all places!

Williams revealed she drinks up to a half a bottle of wine every night.

According to her, this is actually cutting back from a bottle per day, though she reluctantly revealed she used to sometimes drink two bottles in the evening. Despite indulging, Williams has made a commitment to gradually cut back.

For Norma, looking fabulous at 70 doesn’t mean depriving herself of all of life’s joys.

And even though she is naturally slim, she does not subscribe to the idea that “one size fits all.” Everyone’s journey will be different.

“An excellent shape is not to be defined by height nor figure type. You can be small or tall.

You can be curvy or straight up and down. (My husband’s nickname for me when I’m tanned is ‘liqorice stick.’) Or you can be anything in between.”.

Williams also openly rejects the beauty standards the industry tries to constantly shove down our throats.

“I am not talking fashion or glamour model stereotypes here,” she said. “I am talking about the body we all know to be great when we see it.”.

There is one thing that bothers Williams about aging and that’s facing her own mortality. At 70, she realizes that the time she has left is very precious but fleeting.

“By far the biggest niggle of being in one’s 70th year is that PROBABLY I don’t have as many years in front of me as the average 20-year-old. I find this fact the MOST niggling of all,”.

Williams does openly admit that she is very proud of her progress and how amazing she feels at this later stage in life. One of her Instagram posts stated: “I am much prouder of myself in every way than when I was younger – despite the niggles of age.

In life, there are always niggles. No one is exempt from niggles. Life is niggly!”.

When it comes to words of encouragement about aging, life and being your best self, Williams has this to say: I could not be happier. If this is what it is to be 70, bring it on.

So, to all of you, like me, who suffer ONLY from niggles, aging well is to be celebrated… Big time!” We have to agree, Norma. Don’t ever change.

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