This ‘Austin Powers’ Home Hasn’t Been Touched Since The ’70s, And It’s For Sale.

This ‘Austin Powers’ Home Hasn’t Been Touched Since The ’70s, And It’s For Sale. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you’ve ever wanted to take a stroll down a very groovy memory lane, then we’ve got great news. You don’t have to search the world trying to find a time machine to travel to more simpler, hippier times. All you have to do is take a trip to Framingham, Massachusetts and visit this incredibly colorful house that hasn’t been touched since the 70s. And guess what? It’s for sale, so this psychedelic beauty could be yours. Can you imagine living in a house that has been fully decked in the 70s and hasn’t been touched in over 40 years?The original owner was totally digging the groovy era of the 1970s. A time that brought us mood rings, disco music, and pet rocks.

The five-bedroom crib looks a bit conservative from afar. But its original owner decorated the interiors back in the early beginnings of the psychedelic era of the 70s. New people have lived there for a while now, after the original ones left, but they decided to leave its original decor.

It’s almost as if you’re looking at another run-of-the-mill suburban house. All it’s missing is a golden retriever dog and a boring white collar couple living in cream-colored interiors right? Well, let’s just say you’re in for a surprise.

Matchy-matchy patterns, colorful backdrops, massive amounts of orange and earthy wood shades make this one colorful time warp. This guy certainly turned back time! But if you want to see color, wait until you see the bathroom. Let’s just say, it’s a girl’s fantasy come true. And you know, some guys’ too.

Talk about dining in style! This room almost looks like it came out of a sitcom like “That 70s Show”, fully decorated and painted to look like a homage to 70s pop culture. That hallway looks like a great place where, as they used to say back then, you could totally “get down,” (dance!)

A closer look inside this Massachusetts time capsule’s dining area shows exactly why its last owners decided to not change anything about it. How can you ruin so much banging history?

Realtor Matt Cuddy said that the current owners actually consider selling it and they could even leave all the furniture and decoration exactly as it is in case anyone wants to keep riding that wave.

Cuddy thinks of the house as a time capsule. It’s standing still in time despite so many years and fads passing by. It’s not a replica, it’s an original work of art that in a way, functions as a historical time tour.

The room would be too matchy-matchy nowadays, since minimalism, precision and monochromatic tones are in vogue. But back in the day, there wasn’t such a thing as “conflicting patterns” or “too many colors.”

Cuddy went on to share a story about the time he remembers people decorating their houses exactly as pictured here. “I remember my own mother decorating the house like this with orange shag carpet and everything.”

And here it is. The brightest, most boldest room of the house. A spectacular bathroom decked out in insane flashy pink hues that might make this every little girl’s favorite room. It’s almost like a 70s Barbie was in charge Right on, dude!

So how much would this wonderfully bitch’n creation be worth to you? You can’t put a price on style! But its owners are selling this pattern-crazed marvel for only $624,900. Not too shabby!

Everything is so well preserved is almost as if no one had lived there. All it needs now is a couple of new owners who are ready to watch The Brady Bunch in their amazingly comfy house!

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