This Bacon Toaster May Not Improve Your Life, But Why Take The Chance?

This Bacon Toaster May Not Improve Your Life, But Why Take The Chance? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Life nowadays is not about giving things up but finding a much simpler way to do it. Take cooking for example, we know it’s better to eat at home where we can portion control our food but it’s all about time. After a long work day, in addition to extra-curricular activities, it’s just too tempting to pick something already made on the way home. Plus, most times the way food is made in a restaurant is difficult to replicate at home. Bacon isn’t easy to cook as if you don’t leave it on the stove long enough it comes out too soft, but if you over do it, it dries out. Knowing that this is a common problem, there is a new appliance that cooks bacon to the right amount of crisp.The word bacon dates back to the 1500’s when English speakers referred to all cuts of pork as “bacoun.”

Some people love chocolate dipped bacon while others like to stick to the classics like a BLT sandwich, a bacon and eggs breakfast, or even a bacon and cheese hamburger.

Another 11% prefer it for lunch, 2% have it as a snack, and the remaining 17% have it as part of their dinner.

The compact appliance is about the same size as a single slice toaster so it won’t take up a lot of counter space.

It can cook thin and thick cuts. It takes a couple more minutes for the thicker cuts.

Hence, all the grease is collected at the bottom. You can choose to throw it out or use it for gravies or as flavour for fried rice.

It also comes with cool-touch handles in addition to chrome accents.

Although the country that consumes the most bacon is Denmark.

Although, the Nostalgia Electrics Bacon Express may be their best invention thus far.

->**Look at how easy it is to use this appliance.**<-

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