This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral, And Now I Understand Why.

This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral, And Now I Understand Why. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Christmas adverts are legendary for pulling at our heartstrings. Every year companies try to outdo one another with a three to four minute clip with a message of love, unity, and hope. Whether it is using the power of a computer generated imagery or going the old route of using actors, viewers wait anxiously to see who this year’s advert winner is. This year’s emotionally charge advert comes all the way from Poland for the online auction website Allegro. The clip features a grandfather who orders an “English for Beginners” package. He spends days and nights practicing his words and phrases. This advert hits close to home as almost one million Poles have left their country, searching for better opportunities. Nonetheless, a spokesperson for Allegro says this video has gone viral because “the story we are telling is all-purpose and can be easily understood by any other nation or community who can easily link the happy ending of a smile and tears of emotion to their daily human experience.” [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/mog/

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