This Controversial Ad Is Causing Feminist Vandals To Do Something Clever.

This Controversial Ad Is Causing Feminist Vandals To Do Something Clever. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

There was a time not so long ago when an advertisement like this would have been quite unremarkable. After all, until recently, weight loss supplements and the notion of a “perfect body” was par for the course. Thankfully, recent body positive campaigns have changed many people’s relationships with their bodies, from one of constant shame and despair to self-acceptance and confidence. This shift in mentality definitely showed in the public’s reaction to this advertisement. Check out their clever responses below.

Still questioning why we did this? This should clear that up.. http://t.co/sNhT9bsg2d #eachbodysready #wearethey pic.twitter.com/GxHYJFPhZZ — Tara Costello (@Catstello) April 24, 2015

Have you heard about #EachBodysReady? We love this new body confident campaign! http://t.co/3COSD4tBpz pic.twitter.com/YFR7zFfWfP — LOOK magazine (@Lookmagazine) April 28, 2015

My body is ready. My white, round, soft, floppy, happy body. Wtf is this campaign? #eachbodysready pic.twitter.com/GIbtqkZDWd — Jess Moncrieff (@jessiemoncrieff) April 18, 2015

NEW CAMPAIGN! Beach Body Shutdown – hijack ads that sap your body confidence #eachbodysready https://t.co/fBw9ODItg1 pic.twitter.com/YH2cnpN5KA — Do Something UK (@DoSomethingUK) April 24, 2015

Women of London, we’re BLAZING in our no-to-#BodyShaming glory. Time to take back the body narrative. #EachBodysReady pic.twitter.com/j4Rc2a56tE — Ayala Maurer-Prager (@A_MaurerPrager) April 26, 2015

I committed an act of civil disobedience last week and it felt glorious @VagendaMagazine @EverydaySexism pic.twitter.com/4jl8vbnulU — Miranda Fay (@mirandafay) April 22, 2015

This insane ad from @ProteinWorld revealed my previously untapped urge to vandalize #bodypositive #eachbodysready pic.twitter.com/CVm30D04TR — Lydia Goldblatt (@LydiaGoldblatt) April 25, 2015

We love London. Fuck patriarchy. pic.twitter.com/bDeET7pzdO — The Vagenda Team (@VagendaMagazine) April 22, 2015

I pulled down this poison from the tube. It’s easy. You shoud too. #pullthemdown #eachbodysready pic.twitter.com/SJq88TZQLk — Max Wakefield (@wakmax) April 26, 2015

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