This Farmer Painted His Sheep Orange… But Why?

This Farmer Painted His Sheep Orange… But Why? April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Whenever there is a problem of theft in the neighborhood resident’s take measures to protect their belongings. Pip Simpson, a farmer in England, has taken things to a new level. After suffering the loss of nearly three hundred sheep to theft, Simpson decided to spray paint the rest of his flock bright orange. He came up with the bright idea because he figured it will be harder for the thieves to hide them, so they won’t steal them. He told BBC News, “It’s very luminous, it is a really bright color that nobody else had done. So it was just a case of trying to be different. We have got a massive problem with theft. I know over the last few years we have had onwards of 300 pinched. So we’ve had to try to stop that from (happening). I’m hoping that whoever’s pinching them, they won’t be able to hide them because they are luminous orange.” In this case, when Simpson uses the word “pinched” he means stolen. So put away your joke book. His flock is about 800 sheep and he has the support of the local authorities in this brazen move. The orange sheep have become quite an attraction for those that live in the area. Simpson says that at any given time there can be upwards of thirty people taking pictures of the bright orange sheep. He joked that maybe he should start charging admission. The spray paint doesn’t hurt the animals and it will stay on them until next year. He hasn’t decided if he will do it again or not at that time. It will probably depend on if the thefts come to a halt.Every morning an orange blur blasts from this farmhouse to head out to pasture. The bright orange sheep are hard to miss.

Anyone that may be in the path of the herd may want to watch out. And they had better hope they aren’t drinking. Purple elephants? Nope, orange sheep!

If you are a sheep you wait all night for those doors to open so you can get outside and graze. I’m guessing anyway. I’ve never really asked one but it certainly looks like they are happy!

The sheep look like they are all business as they head out to the fields. They will spend their day eating grass and lighting up the area with their bright colors.

Farmer Pip Simpson says that he decided to use the bright orange color to deter theft. He says that he has lost nearly 300 sheep to theft and it was time to do something about it.

The sheep spend all day in the fields and they look like they are enjoying themselves quite a bit. But it’s not the average herd of sheep in a field as you can see by their color.

When the locals heard what Simpson had done they all had to come over and see for themselves. Now he is the talk of the town.

As many as thirty people at a time can be found trying to catch a glimpse of the orange sheep. It has become quite an attraction that Simpson didn’t plan on. He joked that he should start charging an admission price because so many people come by every day.

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