This Floating Tent Is Every Camper’s Dream Come True.

This Floating Tent Is Every Camper’s Dream Come True. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Do you ever feel like just floating away and getting lost in nature? Well with the floating tent by SmithFly you can. Most people love camping, but they hate bringing bulky equipment along on their hike or setting up a tent. This nifty invention relieves any camper’s worst fears, so the experience can be more pleasant. It may very well be the best camping invention to date. The Ohio-based company claims that with the Shoal Tent “the world is your waterbed.” That’s a huge understatement given that you can sleep, read, eat, relax, and cuddle while you drift away down a lake or a river. So, read up and then try one out and float your way across the river.You can spend the whole day hiking, exploring, and communing with nature. You might even want to sing around a campfire and roast marshmallows. But when night falls, you’ll want to be in the tent.

The floating tent doesn’t have any tent poles you have to worry about. You simply need to inflate it and then you’re ready to go rafting your way to a good night’s sleep.

Its inflatable base will keep you afloat while the tent fabric will keep you dry as it’s waterproof. SmithFly also claims that it can withstand high winds, in case you get stuck in a freak storm.

The floor is a six-inch thick drop fabric, which essentially turns it into an air mattress. That way, you can just lay there and look up the stars or bird watch safely through the see-through dome.

The tent topper sides themselves all attach and detach super easy, which is an incredible asset if you need to use the top to get out of the tent.

The Shoal Tent is 8 ft. by 8 ft. from the outside, which means that a person as tall as 6’3 can lay there comfortably, or stand without destroying the tent.

The entire thing folds down and fits into a storage bag, which will weigh around 75 pounds. Now this means that carrying it around on your back might not be convenient, but you can store it in the back of your truck.

When designer, Ethan Smith, came up with the idea for Shoal Tent, he intended it to be something that could take camping to a whole new level and make it sturdy enough to last for generations to come.

Now, instead of hiking towards your next destination, causing your feet to get blisters, you can just float towards the next camping site without all the effort. How cool is that?

The tent also comes with a storage bag, a manual foot pump, a patch kit, and an inflatable raft, in case you find yourself needing to paddle back to dry land. So, pre-order one now before they’re all out of stock.

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