This Genius Trolls People By Taking Their Photoshop Request Literally.

This Genius Trolls People By Taking Their Photoshop Request Literally. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Remember [James Fridman][1], the Photoshop extraordinaire who turns people’s vain selfie Photoshop requests into the best edits ever? Well, he’s still working his magic again, and the results are as hilarious as ever. Here’s how it works: Random Twitter people send Fridman their photo with a very specific request. Fridman chooses his favorites responds, but not exactly how the person intended. All of it comes along with a disclaimer: Don’t send your photos to Fridman unless you want his adaptation to go public. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/photoshop-me/

**Fridman can add in any pop star you really love.**

pic.twitter.com/7xIfusFmYQ — James Fridman (@fjamie013) April 3, 2016

**He’s also pretty great at upgrading your vacation photos.**

pic.twitter.com/0axws1KrrW — James Fridman (@fjamie013) April 2, 2016

**He can change any physical attribute you can dream of.**

pic.twitter.com/Pg2QjNrzGj — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 29, 2016

pic.twitter.com/hNgZ6nx1yX — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 26, 2016

pic.twitter.com/bgkWIVVgoo — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 22, 2016

**And he can even make people better at their jobs.**

pic.twitter.com/N05TlmbL9M — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 25, 2016

**If you can dream it, Fridman can do it.**

pic.twitter.com/amtoOjtNzm — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 21, 2016

pic.twitter.com/i2Jg4Mc9Jz — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 19, 2016

pic.twitter.com/vWyTuskkZL — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 17, 2016

pic.twitter.com/xvd2yyu96c — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 16, 2016

pic.twitter.com/5TO26upMjp — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 15, 2016

pic.twitter.com/LILtt3NQ2v — James Fridman (@fjamie013) March 15, 2016

pic.twitter.com/MAFYqsvJca — James Fridman (@fjamie013) April 1, 2016

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