This Girl Leaves Food For The Birds… What They Do To Say ‘Thanks’ Is Amazing.

This Girl Leaves Food For The Birds… What They Do To Say ‘Thanks’ Is Amazing. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Remember the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, *The Birds*, where a group of nasty crows decide to rebel and besiege the terrified residents of a California town?

Unlike the Hitchockian horror-crows of the past, the crows in Gabi’s life don’t menace or attack her. Instead, they bring her gifts. Since Gabi was four years old, she has been dropping food on the ground, only to observe how quickly the crows would fly down and scoop it up. As Gabi got older, she would feed them bits of her school lunch, or whatever snacks she had on hand.

Gabi’s mom, Lisa, didn’t care that her daughter was sharing so much food with the crows. In fact, she encouraged it, especially because she noticed how positively Gabi responded to their presence.

Soon, Gabi and the crows got into a routine. Every morning, Gabi filled the bird feeder with peanuts. Soon, many crows gathered nearby, hungry for some of Gabi’s snacks.

Then, something amazing started happening. In return for all of her dropped morsels, the crows started bringing Gabi small tokens of their appreciation. After eating all of the peanuts, the crows would leave trinkets in the feeder, all items that they scavenged from the ground. Gabi’s gifts included earrings, rocks, small screws, bolts, and plenty of other bits and bobs.

These are all gifts that Gabi received from the crows. Her collection is her most prized possession.

According to experts, the best way to bond with a crow is to consistently reward them with food – a fact that little Gabi figured out all on her own.

Gab’s relationship with these crows is truly amazing – and its definitely far cry from the hell-raising reputation that crows have gotten in the past! Check out the video below for a little bit of Gabi and the crows in action.

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