This Guy Experiences A Sharp PAIN In Ears And What Comes Out Of It Is CREEPIEST AF

This Guy Experiences A Sharp PAIN In Ears And What Comes Out Of It Is CREEPIEST AF April 1, 2023Leave a comment

We all need to have a good amount of ear wax. Also called cerumen, this yellowish-brown substance is required for cleaning, lubrication, and protection of the ear. Wax works as a layer in the ear canal shielding the ear from bacteria, insects, water, and fungi. It may not look pretty but wax is important. For some reason some people’s ears tend to produce more wax than necessary, causing a yucky build-up. If left unattended this can cause terrible migraines and even hearing loss. If you don’t produce extra cerumen, you can also be hurting your ears if you use cotton swabs. This ear cleaning method actually pushes the wax further into the canal. One man learned the hard way to not put anything in his ears. After what the doctor pulled out, he is following the advice of never putting anything bigger than our elbows in our ears.He had no clue what it was but knew something was definitely off.

Stephen was probably feeling a bit disoriented as he was not hearing as well as he was used to.

There was really only one way the doctor could safely remove the wax from the ear canal.

The most dangerous thing though is that the swab tip can actually puncture the eardrum.

Cotton swabs, ear candles, vacuuming, and ear picking are all ineffective. These methods can do serious damage to the ear.

The doctor irrigates or softly pumps water into Stephen’s ear. A nozzle is put on the outer ear slowly flushing the wax out.

The mix ensures there will not be an infection during the procedure. The water is usually warm. Patients say they don’t feel any pain during the irrigation process.

As more water is pumped, the wax slowly makes its way to the outer ear.

Along with the brown wax, the water also comes out brown.

Although he didn’t feel any pain during the procedure, Stephen complained of being dizzy afterwards.

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