This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend 148 Times, And She Missed EVERY One.

This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend 148 Times, And She Missed EVERY One. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s difficult enough to plan one proposal: If you’re planning 150 proposals the pressure is way, way on. That didn’t seem to phase a man named Ray Smith. A few years ago, Smith decided to propose to his girlfriend, Claire. Soon afterwards, they found out they were pregnant — which meant that Smith wanted his proposal to be bigger than he had ever thought it would be. He didn’t just want to pop the question once. No, to prove how much Claire meant to him, he had to outdo the traditional proposal by exactly 150%. Here’s how he did it: Every single day for five months straight, Ray asked Claire to marry him. However, he didn’t do so by asking to her face In fact, he didn’t even get her answer. It sounds a bit complicated, but it all adds up to one of the best proposal stories we’ve ever seen. See the five months of proposals — and the story behind them — below.You can’t tell from this photo, but can you guess how he did it? Here’s a hint: There’s a proposal in each and every one of these images.

Claire looks so happy, and she has no idea what’s going on behind her head.

The trick was that Ray had written the proposal down on a little white piece of paper, and had to hide the proposal in each one — while Claire was still in the picture.

After all, if Claire was sleeping, she’d be none the wiser. This was a perfect opportunity to get the shot.

Imagine how difficult it would be to take a selfie with someone, without them knowing that you were randomly hiding a proposal card in each photograph.

A few times, he thought she’d figured it out. Luckily, it was just a scare, and she still had no idea.

He waited all day long for the opportune moment to snap photos like this, without Claire having any clue about what was going on.

Technically, she’s still in the picture, even if she is completely clueless that he’s taking a shot outside.

Meanwhile, Claire smiled for the camera, totally unaware that this was all leading to the proposal of a lifetime.

He definitely needed the help of his friends and family to make this massive undertaking go off without a hitch.

Or maybe she just smiled to the camera and went back to her business, unaware what was written on that heart-shaped card.

One has to wonder if anyone questioned his incessant need to snap pictures all the time, too.

We suppose that if you don’t suspect anything, it would be easy to overlook this?

How cute is this mini letter to his (hopeful) future fiance? Even after a fight, he stayed true to his mission.

One wrong move and Claire would have seen the card, and the whole project would have been blown.

Maybe she didn’t see it happening in the camera? At any rate, they definitely weren’t using the front-facing lens.

We’re not sure how she didn’t catch on this time, but we’re glad she did.

Ray had a plan for the 150 proposals, and the culmination of his efforts would arrive on Christmas Day.

At this point in the year, things were getting pretty close to completion. We have to imagine that Ray was getting nervous.

And now, Ray is getting to the end of his 150 day period. The big (real) day is just around the corner.

Nothing like a show of moral support from the jolly man in the red suit.

When Christmas Day arrived, Ray put together all of the images and showed Claire what he’d been up to for the last several months. All his efforts proved to be worth it: She said yes.

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