This Guy’s Disastrous Snapchat Story Shows Why Friday 13Th Is No Joke.

This Guy’s Disastrous Snapchat Story Shows Why Friday 13Th Is No Joke. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute reported that approximately 17 to 21 million people have a fear of Friday the 13th, because it is traditionally considered to be an unlucky day. Some folks go as far as scheduling their itineraries around the day because they fear the worst. The superstition has spread even more due to the slasher film, its remakes, TV series, and video games. You’re probably familiar with Jason’s hockey mask, even if you’ve never watched the movie. Below you can take a look at a young man’s walk in the woods on one of these ominous days. It started out with an idyllic lake and a gaggle of geese. Charming, right? Then, things started to get very, very curious. Before you know it, the poor man is running for his life. He documented the story on Snapchat, an image and video messaging app. *Warning: This post contains graphic images that may not be suitable for all viewers.*Snapchat user oh_myjosh69 decided to go for a walk in the woods. Who could blame him? The sun is hitting him just right in this photo.

This beautiful scene is perfect for meditating and for snapping photos, which is exactly what the wanderer did.

As he admired the lake, he spotted these geese. His day just kept getting better and better. It was a dream come true!

The young man decide that he wanted more than just a photo of them, so he knelt down to take a photo with them.

He must have startled the geese because they began to chase him! He ran and ran as fast as he could.

The young man estimates how far he had to run to lose them. He must’ve been exhausted at this point.

Suddenly, he reminded himself that it was Friday the 13th and began to get very scared. At the same time, he realized that he was lost. But he knew that he had to keep going to find his way.

It was difficult to tell. Was this dead buck a victim of a hunting trip or something else? There was no time to stop and figure out.

Out of nowhere, a fox crept behind him and began another chase. We’re not sure how he outran this fellow.

He looks exhausted and the sun seems to be hitting him hard. Hopefully, he can find a way out or use GPS without a hungry predator chasing him.

After hours of being lost, he finally sees some buildings behind the trees. It must have been a huge relief.

Now that he’s home, he can take a shower, relax, and share his crazy story.

Can you guess which animal decided to follow him home? The geese, the buck, or the box?

It was the geese! With all the spelling errors, you can tell that he snapped this post in a frenzy.

He finally did make it inside the safety of his home. This poor young man just seems extremely unlucky, and we’re not sure if staying home on the next Friday the 13th would help him. We wouldn’t be surprised if the geese end up finding a way in to his “safe” home! Be careful out there!

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