This Guy’s Massive Zit Is About To Pop, And When It Does… OMG.

This Guy’s Massive Zit Is About To Pop, And When It Does… OMG. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Remember when you used to squeeze your zits between two fingers and BAM! All this white goo started spewing out of the hole, along with a tiny bit of blood? Then you wiped it all off and were left with a tiny crater that healed? This is nothing like that. This person had a Hollywood horror sized face cyst and when it started oozing, it wasn’t pretty. This thing got so out of hand that he actually needed professional help to get it out before the golf-ball sized hideousness overwhelmed his face. Hopefully he’ll go to the dermatologist sooner next time before all those chunks of oil and dead skin skills create another facial volcano.You’ve popped dozens of zits, but this one is like the mother of all and Clearasil just won’t do.

This requires something more invasive. It’s so nasty you’ll probably need a bucket to hurl into. You can only imagine how painful this must have been.

So the doctor doing the surgery had to be careful not to cut too much or he’d leave this poor patient with a scar he’d never forget.

You can actually see the oozing pus inside this icky zit. It reminds us of some form of alien pore growing inside a human body. Eek!

Although the video of the procedure is in Spanish, the visual gory AF language is universal. So check it out if you dare.

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