This Homeless Man Refused To Move Into A Winter Shelter… He Had His Reasons.

This Homeless Man Refused To Move Into A Winter Shelter… He Had His Reasons. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

When Bernard Holland, a homeless man in Indiana, was approached about leaving his frigid encampment on the streets and moving to a warm shelter, he flat-out refused. Though it would have been much easier for him to spend the long winter nights indoors, he simply couldn’t agree to do so without having a place for his beloved dog, Oreo.

Oreo is a two-year-old mix, and unfortunately, dogs are generally not permitted in homeless shelters. An outreach worker at Horizon House approached Bernard about finding him a place to stay, but unless Oreo could find a home, Bernard refused to leave her side.

Luckily, Horizon House was able to connect Bernard and Oreo with Wigglebutt Doghouse, a local animal shelter. The Wigglebutt Doghouse agreed to board Oreo while Bernard looked for more permanent housing, and also paid for shots and medical treatment for the dog in the meantime.

Bernard visited Oreo at Wigglebutt Doghouse a few times a week, where they played and spent time together. When Bernard visited, Oreo was always incredibly excited to see him. Bernard obviously felt the same.

This heartwarming story has an even happier ending: With Oreo happily being looked after, Bernard was able to focus on getting himself on his feet. Weeks after Oreo went to Wigglebutt, Bernard secured affordable temporary housing at a local motel, and he and Oreo are currently living there together.

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