This Is What Wearing 100 Layers Of Lipstick At Once Looks Like.

This Is What Wearing 100 Layers Of Lipstick At Once Looks Like. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Internet vloggers are part of a weird and wonderful universe of online content production, and beauty vloggers exist in a particularly fun microcosm of that enormous industry. In addition to giving people skincare tips, makeup application tricks, and advice on how to look your best, they also get to do fun experiments with the products they promote. And every once in awhile, those experiments can even weirder than you thought they could. Last month, a beauty vlogger posted a video of her painting her nails with 100 coats of nail polish. The result was pretty crazy, and it also started a trend: Ever since then, beauty vloggers everywhere have taken on the 100 layer challenge, and not just with nail polish. Beauty buffs have attempted everything from 100 layers of foundation, 100 layers of highlighter, and even mascara. Now, this vlogger took the challenge with 100 layers of liquid lipstick, and let’s just say that the results of the entire thing look…uncomfortable.She’s here to show you what 100 layers of lipstick actually looks like.

In fact, this color is actually pretty beautiful. If 10 coats isn’t so bad, what’s 100 more?

Sure, it still looks pretty — but at this point, we’re wondering how it actually feels on her lips.

Why waste one tube of lipstick on a project when you could be layering several. It also changes the overall look of the layers.

No longer smooth and slick, there’s so much liquid lipstick here that it’s actually cracking.

This, despite the fact that she’s only halfway there.

This is the face of a woman who might be regretting her choice to wear 100 layers of lipstick.

She even changes the color, to a coral that is simply delightful.

This amount of liquid lipstick makes her look like she has a skin condition, don’t you think?

Application after application, she presses on.

Her face says it all.

We thought it was bad then, but we had no idea.

It’s making us itchy just looking at this amount of product. It must be terribly uncomfortable — and something tells us it’s not kiss proof.

A process that is oddly satisfying, we must admit.

Still, you can tell that she’s definitely not going to make the 100 layer thing a habit — and thank god for that.

**Want to see it go down (and build up) in real time? Check out the original video below.**

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