This Magical Wardrobe Is Playing A Trick On Your Eyes. Look Closely…

This Magical Wardrobe Is Playing A Trick On Your Eyes. Look Closely… April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The Internet has seen thousands of creative and talented artists go viral for their work, and sometimes, it’s hard to keep them all straight. That’s why it’s especially amazing when an artist like this, one that’s so unique, comes along — it shocks us in the best possible way, and we usually never forget it. His name is Felix Hernandez, and for this project, he drew inspiration from the most mysterious and private of places: His dreams. However, the inspiration isn’t even the most unusual part of the project. It’s that Hernandez basically created the image from scratch on-location, and what resulted looks like something that comes from another world. Check out his amazing work below, and find out exactly how he did it. In a time of Photoshop and digital effects, it’s impressive to see what a good artist can still do with a bit of time, creativity, and ingenuity.Using intricate miniatures and macro photography techniques, he creates something otherworldly and unique.

“Our dreams act like a blender of ideas, fears and desires with a touch of who we truly are,” Hernandez wrote. “‘The Wardrobe’ is one of those images that appears repeatedly in my dreams. Repeatedly enough to get attention, making me want to take it out and bring it to life.”

From this angle, it looks like Hernandez built something massive and rigged it up on the beach, almost like a set.

“For this project I wanted to go as ‘natural’ or ‘unplugged’ as possible,” he explained. “Finding new ways to create an image and not depending so much on the post-production.”

So how did he do it? Like any manual model builder.

Not to mention a skillful paint job.

If I needed fog, I used dry ice. If I needed an ancient ruin, I built it myself, and so on,” he wrote. “Soon I found myself doing things that I had forgotten or that I would never think I could be able to do, and of course, by doing them, it opened a new door for me… a new door full of new possibilities for creation.”

**Check out the amazing video of Hernandez’s work in action, below.**

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