This Mom Seems Happy Taking Her Child To School, But She’s Hiding The Truth.

This Mom Seems Happy Taking Her Child To School, But She’s Hiding The Truth. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Motherhood is hard. It is true when they say you will not know love like the one you have for your child. It’s the raw and animal-like need to nurture and protect that tiny baby with all our might. Despite our immense love for our children, women are only human. You will never know what being really tired is until you spend sleepless nights taking care of your little ones and still get up in the morning to complete all the chores and work of the day. Sometimes women feel their sanity is slowly slipping away from the exhaustion of it all. It’s easy to begin to feel sorry for one’s self, complaining about the lack of privacy and “me” time. Every once in a while we need to be reminded why we do what we do. A message that everything will be ok and just to seize the day with our children, because these days will go by faster than we realize.This morning a tired mom was walking her boy to school. He was happy, busily telling her about everything that popped into his head. Unfortunately, she was not paying attention to him. There were just so many things to do.

She was already behind getting groceries, paying the bills, and the laundry. And that was just the chores for the home, there was so much more needed to be done.

Her youngest had also been having a hard time sleeping the last couple of nights. Giving into exhaustion, she let the toddler in bed with her. She just needed a couple of hours of sleep.

The demands were never ending. Some days she wished to close her eyes and open them to see her kids a little older, more independent. She wished they needed her less.

She wanted to go to the spa, read a book, go on a date with her husband. This mom didn’t want more hours in the day, she just wanted “me” time to do the simple things she took for granted before.

The tired mom wanted to have her smile back. She missed the carefree and happy woman she used to be.

“The moment you hold your baby for the first time, life as you know it has changed. You will know what ongoing sleepless nights feel like. Wonder if the constant feedings and diaper changes will ever end.”

“Just when you finish changing your baby and rock him to sleep, don’t forget to smell that baby scent because that heavenly smell will disappear one day. Enjoy nursing him because one day he will push you away.”

“Once that baby is ready to walk, enjoy those moments when he is pointing at the birds, the trucks driving by, and the shapes of the clouds. Once he is ready to let go of your hand, he will run and play with his friends. And in years to come, he will walk out the door on his own, without your help.”

“Regardless of how tired you feel, read them a bedtime story. Cuddle them close to you while you do. Because one day they won’t ask for it. They’ll want their space and privacy. You will need those memories of reading together as much as they do.”

“Yes you are tired and you need sleep. You need a long bath, a coffee date with your girlfriends. Those days will come and when they do you will be wondering what your kids are doing. Who are they hanging out with? Are they happy? You will long for the days when they were with you 24/7.”

Some days are harder than others. Focus on the good days, take a power nap, and remember how amazing it is to be a mom. Read this letter when you need a little TLC for yourself. Every hardworking mom needs a little reminder every once in a while.

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