This Mom’s Painting Now Has People Painting People Painting People.

This Mom’s Painting Now Has People Painting People Painting People. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Some people have artistic talent, but not enough confidence in their work to realize it. So, they would never ever consider sharing their work for the world to see. But one proud son decided to do his mom a solid. When Reddit user Gaddafo’s mom took on painting, she didn’t really think highly of her artwork. But boy was she wrong. It turns out that she had more skill than she gave herself credit for. But of course, a son will always say that anything their mom paints is wonderful. So, he decided to let Reddit users decide for themselves, and the feedback was rather unusual.It was his mom’s second painting and Reddit user Gaddafo wanted to let everyone know that this was a masterpiece. But his mom assumed that no one would really like it. But she was way off, and Redditors demonstrated it with their own unique talents.

It began with one random artist with the username k__z on Reddit, who decided to make a painting of user Guddafo’s mom holding her painting of a swan. Then he took a photo of himself and posted it on Reddit as a response to the original thread.

This time, Reddit user lillyofthenight drew a painting of user k__z holding the painting that Reddit user Gaddafo’s mother made of the swan. I know. Totally confusing, but oh-so-trippy. Essentially, it was a painting within a painting, within a painting.

Lillyofthenight and user k__z must have quickly learned that the universe was handing out karma in the form of paintings. This was turning into something similar to the Modern Family sitcom’s opening credits.

Clearly, Reddit user DidiBug was on the same wavelength as user seamuswray because she did her own interpretation of the woman who painted the guy who painted the lady who painted the swan. Who knew there was so much raw talent in the Reddit-verse?

Reddit user Shitty_Watercolour came up with a cartoonish version of the paintings within paintings because he probably wanted to change things up a bit. We have to say, he doesn’t give himself enough credit because this is really neat.

Reddit user DanielDManiel didn’t just draw one painting. He drew two. One painting included the one where user seamuswray was holding the painting. The other one showed user DidiBug holding the paintings within a painting.

In this version, the original art piece is barely a tiny smudge, but artist, user DanielDManiel is certainly the latest victim in this elaborate painting conspiracy that showed no evidence of slowing down any time soon.

In this version, Reddit user trixtopherduke drew the work of art from the point where user lillyofthenight was holding the painting. But it seems that she created a second painting of user seamuswray photobombing the art piece.

Creative talents like Reddit user fijistudios created a bigger masterpiece. But honestly, his facial expression on its own is eye catching. Plus, we love the fact that his cat made a guest-appearance, too.

Reddit user Caleebies was happy to draw a photo of him as well as some of the artists who came before. But if you take a closer look, you can’t even see the photo Gaddafo or his mom’s original swan painting.

They included the painting of user seamuswray and his art piece. But this user got a little more creative and made a big white swan holding the art frame, almost as if it was hugging it to express how much it loved this work of art.

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