This Restaurant In Mumbai Is Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard.

This Restaurant In Mumbai Is Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

We’re at a pivotal point in the history of the world where we need to step up and become accountable for the way we treat the land we live on. While some people are making large contributions to their community by picking up trash, planting bee-friendly flowers, and spreading awareness, this cafe in India is doing something to help, as well! Keep scrolling to check out the world’s very first “Cardboard Cafe!”The thing that makes this cafe so original is that it’s made entirely out of corrugated cardboard. In fact, the only thing not made out of cardboard is the kitchen area!

In total, the Cardboard Cafe is made out of 40,000 square feet of cardboard! The cafe, which was designed by Nuru Karim, took seven months to design, three months to plan, and four months to build.

Because cardboard consists of about 50% air, the material is durable, lightweight, sound absorbing, and ideally, inexpensive. Because of all of these reasons, cardboard is actually quite perfect for restaurants.

For example, the tabletops needed to be treated with wax in order for them to be resistant against spills and stains. While the fact that the cafe is made entirely out of sustainable materials, that’s not the only amazing thing that this cafe has going on. The restaurant also specializes in serving locally-sourced and organic meals!

“We also wanted to advocate [for] issues such as climate change, global warming, sustainability, and hopefully this café could start becoming a dialogue for the way we treat our national resources, the way we treat our planet, the way we consume, and the way we recycle,” said Karim

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