This Simple iPhone Hack Changes Your Phone’s Appearance In Amazing Ways.

This Simple iPhone Hack Changes Your Phone’s Appearance In Amazing Ways. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It feels like regardless of how long you’ve had your iPhone, there is always a new trick to discover. You could have owned every model released and the surprises just keep coming. Our smartphone is more than just for calling and texting people. It serves as our calendar making sure no appointment is missed, takes cool photos to document important times in our lives, and keeps us entertained for hours with our favourite songs and shows. There is probably one hack most folks have yet to know and fall in love with. Setting a new wallpaper usually involves choosing a favourite image from the camera roll or downloading a stunning scene from somewhere exotic in the world. There is a way to make the photo even more special with just one touch. And since you are always going to see the wallpaper the moment you pick up your iPhone, you might as well make it special.Going to settings and choosing wallpaper was a pretty easy step. The longest part was falling in love with an image enough to see every time you unlocked the iPhone.

Still: displays the wallpaper you choose from the options. Perspective: the wallpaper gets zoomed in. Live: the wallpaper animates.

When you click on on perspective something pretty cool happens to the wallpaper.

Choosing still mode keeps the image exactly the way the photo was taken.

Perspective changes the way the photo is viewed depending on the angle you hold the phone. It creates an almost 3D experience.

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