This Simple Trick Gives You The Perfect Lipstick Shape Every Time.

This Simple Trick Gives You The Perfect Lipstick Shape Every Time. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

While celebs like Kylie Jenner appear to have figured out all the secrets to maintaining a perfectly polished pout, the rest of us are accidentally smearing our liquid lipsticks and wondering how anyone gets them to stay on properly. In other words, wearing lipstick can be a dangerous game, and sometimes it feels like only the bravest makeup aficionados should play it. Well, now we’ve got some answer, and it’s all thanks to this handy tutorial. It shows you how to line your lips in such a way that ensures your subsequent lipstick will stay on longer, and not smudge into the corners of your mouth like it always seems to do. All it takes is a little bit of practice, patience, and a handful of helpful steps (all of which you can follow along with pictures, always helpful), and you’ll be well on your way to full-blown lipstick glory. See how it’s done below.In order for lipstick to feel good on your lips and have incredible staying power, you’ve got to prep them first. Use an exfoliator to slough off dead skin, followed by a balm. Allow the balm ample time to absorb into your lips. Then, apply primer and a base color.

In order to fill in your lips evenly, you want to start by drawing these shapes on your cupid’s bow and lower lip. The easiest way to define the perfect cupid’s bow is to draw an X on that area. Then, line the edges of the lips.

Using the same precision as you did to contour, fill in the borders of your lips with the liner, adding a few lines to the lips themselves, especially where they are the fullest.

By covering as much of your lips with liner as possible, you’re essentially providing a base for which the regular lipstick to cling on to.

Use a small, stiff brush to begin blurring those harsher liner lines so they won’t be visible under your lipstick.

Now, go over everything with your corresponding lipstick of choice. Use a brush to spread it evenly over your lips without allowing the lipstick to bleed onto your skin.

By following this method, you can get get a precise, perfectly-lined and colorful lips every time. Could you master a makeup trick like this?

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