This Woman Has Worn Only Pink For The Last 36 Years.

This Woman Has Worn Only Pink For The Last 36 Years. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

In a world where someone on every corner seems to be judging you, it’s important just to be who you are no matter what. Embracing the human that you are is absolutely essential to your happiness. This magical woman from Hollywood has stuck to her guns for over 30 years, and there’s certainly no shame in her game! Check out The Pink Lady Of Hollywood, and find out how she lives the life that she chooses and has no cares for what haters might have to say.On Kitten’s birthday in 1980, she wore an outfit that was pink from head to toe. She loved how she felt when she put that outfit on so much that she vowed to wear nothing but pink for the rest of her life.

EVERYTHING in her life is pink! From her toothbrush and comb to her microwave and blender.

Kitten says that’s she’s spent close to $1.5 million for her pink obsession. She buys everything normal people do, just in pink.

The only thing in her home that isn’t pink is the air conditioning unit. She doesn’t own her apartment, so she’s not able to paint it.

But don’t worry, she’s not being harmed. Kitten uses beet juice to make her pup’s fur pink. Miss Kisses even has her own followers on Instagram!

She’s an actress and a singer, and has appeared in over 35 different television shows. She also recorded a song called “Sex Kitten” that Beyonce did the backup vocals for.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has dubbed The Pink Lady Of Hollywood, “The pinkest person in the world.” And that’s a title that she’s never giving up.

Her friends say Kitten radiates the most incredible energy, and that no matter where she goes, people notice her.

Kitten, like most women, has faced different forms of prejudice, such as ageism. Some people believe that because Kitten is a mature woman, she needs to act her age and get rid of the pink. But of course, she’s not going to.

Kitten says that she “does not associate [the color pink] with Barbie or the feminine, but with greatness and power, something that makes every day with a smile.”

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