This Woman Won A Year’s Supply Of Pizza, And She Made EVERY Slice Count.

This Woman Won A Year’s Supply Of Pizza, And She Made EVERY Slice Count. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Some of us love pizza so much that we dream about it. You know what I mean. Picking up that first slice of piping hot pizza, slowly, just to see the cheese stretch in all its glory. The more cheese the better. What would you do if you won a year’s worth of pizza absolutely free? A 19-year-old Michigan woman by the name of Hannah Spooner received $500 worth of pizza from Little Caesar’s after winning a drawing, and what did she decide to do with it? Donated every slice. Spooner told *Insider Edition* that the city of Detroit was ‘going through a lot of negativity’ so wanted to keep the donation local. After reviewing her options, she decided to partner with Covenant House Michigan, a location that serves homeless youth. Following a tour of the facility, she felt as though the people there would actually benefit from her reward. She described them as ‘really sweet, warm and welcoming.’ Ah, the power of pizza… and kindness, of course!To some people, it might seem like a dream come true. Others might feel ‘meh’ about it because their pies run for $5 each. But if you think about it, before tax, that’s about 100 pizzas. That’s a lot of pizza.

No matter how you view it, we’re just amazed that these things are real (we thought it was just a gimmick to get your info).

The youth at Covenant House Michigan are served three meals a day, but according to development manager Carolyn Millard, they would be especially excited to have pizza.

Spooner joked ‘I just lost a lot of weight, I wasn’t trying to eat a lot of pizza.’ We definitely understand that. The idea of eating a year’s worth of pizza seems like winning the jackpot at first but if in the end we only keep it to ourselves, it wouldn’t sit too well with our consciences or stomachs. Just like anything else, when pizza is eaten in moderation and better yet, shared with people who are looking to eat and not over indulge, we can’t help but say ‘yes’ to pizza and to this young woman’s kind offering. Thank you for your kindness to the community, Hannah!

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