This Woman’s Horror Story Will Remind You To Leave Your Blemishes Alone.

This Woman’s Horror Story Will Remind You To Leave Your Blemishes Alone. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There is an infinite amount of things that can kill you. As humans, we need to watch our every move, and our surroundings, to protect ourselves from the many dangers that are out there. Katie Wright, a young woman from Texas, has an unbelievable story to share. It’s a threat to your life, that you would never believe, considering that you encounter it on an everyday basis.

It doesn’t matter if you have struggled with acne most of your life or get the occasional blemish, you know how irritating it can be to get pimples. Even though sometimes we can’t help but pop them, we’ve all been told not to touch them and to let them go away in their own time. If you’re one of those people who just has to pop them, pay attention because there’s a reason doctors tell you to leave them alone.

Pimples are an annoying and an unsightly nuisance that we’ve all had to deal with at some point in time. You’ll probably find it shocking to hear that pimples can’t actually kill you! Regardless of that, popping pimples can have some pretty serious consequences. That little dot on your face carries dirty substances, and at times, deadly bacteria. It may sound crazy, but keep reading Katie’s story, and you’ll never mess with a pimple again.

It’s obvious that people aren’t dropping like flies from popping their pimples because it’s literally being done all of the time. But you need to know that if it’s done the wrong way, pimple popping can be some pretty risky behavior! Katie had to learn this the hard way when she had a little blemish that she just couldn’t leave alone. We all know what that’s like, right?

Katie is a pretty normal 21-year-old woman from Austin, Texas. Like many others, Katie uses her Instagram and Twitter accounts so she can share pictures and memes with her friends. Sometimes, Katie will share her own beauty and healthcare tips with her followers so they can achieve her look. Normally, her tips are wonderful! Until one day when she had an important warning to share after she ended up in the emergency room.

Katie was starting her day off like she usually did, but she noticed she had a pimple forming under her skin. Not every pimple shows up on top of your skin, and the ones deep under the surface are probably the most annoying. They raise the skin and appear lumpy underneath the surface. They can be quite painful, and if they’re a bit large, it can become a continuous, annoying pain. Katie had one right on her eyebrow, so every time she moved her forehead she would feel pain. She needed to get rid of it.

Blemishes like blackheads and whiteheads are usually easier to pop, but when it turns into a cyst, it puts a lot of pressure on your skin and can be hard to deal with. Sometimes they’re so painful that it doesn’t matter what they look like, you just want the pain to stop. Katie was finally able to pop the pimple, but unlike every other time she did it, Katie’s problems weren’t gone, yet.

As soon as Katie popped the pimple, her whole face began to swell. The pimple only got bigger and the pain grew more intense. We all know that popping pimples doesn’t feel good, but Katie knew that something was definitely wrong. Katie didn’t want to wait to see what was going to happen, so she went to the emergency room. Lucky for her, she made the right decision. If she hadn’t gone to the hospital, things could’ve been way worse.

The doctors told Katie that it wasn’t a normal pimple that she had. It was a very serious case of cellulitis, a form of staph infection that can lead to some pretty devastating health conditions. Katie said it felt like her skin was literally going to explode. It’s scary to think about a pimple actually being a dangerous infection, but what was worse than that was what the infection could’ve actually done to Katie.

Katie had said that the infection had no “head” and it was spreading all over. Because the infection was on her face, the doctors told Katie that there was a possibility that the infection could spread to her eyes or her brain, causing her to go blind or have brain damage. If an infection got into her bloodstream it could have some life-ending results. After her four-day stay in the hospital, Katie still had no idea where she had gotten the infection from.

What happened to Katie is a random event that could happen to anyone. Katie did something every single day that caused the infection. Since she had no idea what could’ve caused it, she was shocked when she heard what the doctors had to say. Her medical team told her that the infection could’ve come from one of her makeup brushes, which can carry dangerous levels of bacteria. Katie said she was good about cleaning her brushes, but there was one thing she forgot about.

Once Katie thought about it, she realized that she never cleaned her eyebrow spoolie because she only used it to brush her eyebrows, not to apply makeup. She didn’t think it would be as dirty as her other brushes. As soon as Katie realized what caused it, she immediately changed her routine, and began cleaning the eyebrow brush, as well. There’s no way Katie was going to make the same mistake twice.

Since Katie’s brush with disaster, she has warned all of her followers to be careful in their makeup routine. Doing your makeup is supposed to be a fun way to express yourself creatively and highlight your best features. Most people would never consider the thought that applying makeup can actually be dangerous. That’s why it’s so important to make sure all of your brushes are properly cleaned.

It would be embarrassing to have to admit that you were at home digging around on your face, and then share the pictures of the puffy aftermath. Even if it was unpleasant, Katie knew that she needed to share with others the importance of making sure all brushes are thoroughly washed. It’s not something to be negligent of because it could turn deadly. You may be thinking that if you don’t wear makeup, you’re safe from this, but that’s definitely not the case.

Social media accounts for pimple poppers are a huge fad out there. For whatever reason, people seem to enjoy watching people pop the pus out of people’s skin. It can be satisfying to watch, but it’s definitely something to be left to the professionals. If the pus from a pimple gets into your bloodstream, there can be some very serious consequences. Even though it’s really tempting, let your doctor pop your pimples for you!

Maybe Katie’s story has scared you into steering clear of popping pimples or even wearing makeup at all! Even though they’re not going to kill you, there’s definitely risks that you can’t look away from. Just follow a few simple rules and you should be just fine. Always clean your brushes, don’t share your makeup, and by no means should you pick at your pimples. If you’re ever tempted to pop a pimple, remember Katie and her brush with death.

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