This Woman’s Hospital Food Was So Good She Posted Pics Of Every Meal.

This Woman’s Hospital Food Was So Good She Posted Pics Of Every Meal. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you thought hospital food was the worst, then you certainly haven’t stayed at a hospital in Japan. It turns out that one woman did after she went into labor and gave birth at a clinic there. To say that she was well fed doesn’t even begin to cover the star treatment she received. She not only got to spend 4 days in recovery, but was provided with some hearty gourmet meals that made her feel like a queen. But as odd as this may sound to you, treating a new mother like a star is a common practice in Japan. Not only did she receive the best dishes to help her regain her strength, but they also looked after her baby and gave her some useful advice on how to care for her child.A woman going by the name of Jenkinsinjapan on Imgur had a standard C-section birth while in Japan, and she told the world that while in recovery, she was served pancakes for breakfast. But she admits that her husband ate most of it.

But even before Jenkins had her C-section, she was able to eat some delicious food. Now, how many hospitals do you know out there that actually serve their patients oysters and an assortment of other things like fruit, bread, and salad?

However, Jenkins was treated to salmon with mushroom sauce as well as a few delicious side dishes. This is enough to make pretty much anyone want to go into labor, or at least fake it in order to get fed like this.

Fortunately, she was served 3 to 4 meals like this one during her post C-section recovery, and this was practically the equivalent of a deluxe package. But who paid for it? Jenkins had insurance, but it only covered the most basic things.

The OB-GYN clinic that she used was small and privately owned. But her standard insurance covered most of her in-patient treatment. Whatever was left over, she ended up paying with her own money, and it was worth it.

Now just take a look at this amazing setup! You’d swear she’d gone to a fancy restaurant and ordered herself some squid on top of noodles. It almost makes the ordeal of labor pain worth it. Almost, but not quite.

Everything is presented so incredibly. It must have been nice to get pampered this way. Then again, it’s no easy task to create a new life, and as beautiful as Jenkins’ baby must have been, she was probably glad to have a nice meal to look forward to.

This was what she was served for dinner. It’s amazing that she didn’t feel stuffed from eating all that food for breakfast, lunch, and her afternoon snack. But since she’s come clean that her husband has helped her finish her breakfast, it’s safe to say that he also ate whatever she couldn’t finish here either.

It’s not that she’s complaining or anything. After all, everything is so delicately prepared. Even the leaves on the fish look like they were placed perfectly by an artist. Who would even want to check out of this clinic?

It’s a foodie’s dream come true to end up in a clinic like this one. She also had some salad, some fruit, some soup, and of course, tea. But rumor has it that you get the same treatment at private hospitals if you’re sick and injured too.

Ice cream served in a heart-shaped bowel is so cute and delicious. It’s like they thought of just about everything that would put a smile on a new mommy’s face. And this is just another variety of the clinic’s afternoon snacks.

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol is a bad idea after a post-op c-section. But that’s okay because this clinic served Jenkins some non-alcoholic sparkling wine to celebrate the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

Jenkins was served some delicious steak with some vegetables and a bread roll. Wow! Now that’s how you celebrate a new life! This probably put her and her tummy in a great mood. Doesn’t this dish make your mouth water?

Aside from some tea, Jenkins was treated to this assortment of fruits and sweets, which had been artistically set up and decorated beautifully on a square plate. She probably had to check her pulse because this was starting to feel like heaven.

Soup, veggies, fruits and bread helped Jenkins continue her recovery process. It seemed that unlike some hospitals in other countries, this Japanese clinic was doing its best to make sure that their patients felt loved and welcomed.

The best part is that aside from being non-alcoholically wined and dined, Jenkins was provided with advice from the hospital staff on how to care for her newborn. This clinic is like a life coach, restaurant, and hospital all rolled into one.

Here’s another great example of an afternoon snack that was served at the clinic. She certainly didn’t have to frown at a bunch of stale cookies or crackers because what she was given looked more like an expensive dessert.

To that end, they served Jenkins some pasta gratin for dinner, which is a very popular comfort food. You can almost smell the aroma and taste the crispiness of this pasta dish. It’s too bad this clinic doesn’t do delivery. Well, actually they do, just not food deliveries.

She would probably end up missing all these delicious meals and the way they were presented, like her final breakfast. So, can you go to Japan for the sole purpose of popping a baby out and being fed? Yes, as long as you have insurance. But don’t bother applying for citizenship. It’s really tough to get that here.

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