This Woman’s Rainbow Apartment Was Ripped Out Of Your Unicorn Fantasies.

This Woman’s Rainbow Apartment Was Ripped Out Of Your Unicorn Fantasies. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Where else can you find a home that looks like a unicorn climaxed all over the walls? California, of course! One woman’s home has become internet famous after she used a little DIY to turn her home into a multi-colored wonderland of beauty and marvel. Seriously, walking into this woman’s home must be like that scene in “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy opens the door and leaves the monochromatic environment of her damaged home and walks into the wonderful land of Oz full of colors and delight. It’s simply a rainbow paradise that you have to see to believe.Amina Mucciolo has seriously impressed the hell out of us by creating the flower wall in her living room with pieces she’d seen at parties. Then she put the entire thing together by hand. Now that’s creative!

The couch and chairs are all store bought, but she’s a guru at customizing things like the white IKEA shelf system, which she glamorized with colorful cabinets.

Her best friend and her husband Salvatore weren’t exactly thrilled about the idea when she first told them about it, but Amina decided to follow her instincts and it worked better than she expected.

Amina, who is also the décor designer behind the all-things-rainbow brand Studio Mucci has wowed thousands of social media followers on Instagram by turning the interior of her home in a rainbow themed haven.

There are hundreds of colorful paper cranes, and Amina even added a multicolor rug on the floor that is simply whimsical.

She hung paper cranes from her ceiling to go with the spring theme of the living room, and she was inspired by the fact that she always felt like there were birds flying around her head.

Her popular Instagram page shows off her colorful style and we simply can’t over how marvelous it all looks.

But of course, she wouldn’t be the wonderful wife that she is if she didn’t allow her husband’s personality to shine through in the décor as well. “We like for our space to be fun and happy and inspiring,” she added.

You don’t suppose that Amina was inspired a bit by Marge Simpson’s kitchen, do you? There’s certainly plenty of colors in here.

She was inspired by things she used to like as a kid like “Care Bears” and “My Little Pony.” She even placed all of her old figurines above the cabinets, turning it into a virtual fairyland.

Her kitchen actually started out as a basic black nook, but Amina covered all the cabinets in colorful washi tape. She even used a sheet of blue sky pattern on her dishwasher to add that extra oomph!

But he’s proven to be a real good sport about the whole thing. In fact, he loves what his wife did so much that he’s working on a book about the whole design.

It’s a place where you can go and eat off a rainbow because everything in her home, including her cups and bowls feature a rainbow mixture of colors.

She put the strips of washi tape on the cabinets to this incredible look herself, because, after all, it was her vision, and only she could bring it to life.

The 34-year-old completely redecorated every square inch of her downtown L.A. loft apartment, which she calls “Cloudland.” Just looking at her bedroom alone, you want to knock on her door and ask if you can take a nap there.

She also knew that if you can’t find a space for something, create one, so she put her fun novelty bags, which she had no space for initially, on display on her wall. Now that’s smart.

She wanted to embrace a crystal cave like aesthetic, and it worked, right down to the wall painting and even the comforter on the bed. Is this what She-Ra’s bedroom looked like in the Crystal Castle?

So as you might have noticed, Amina’s hair is really as out of this world as her home décor. She even has a separate Instagram page celebrating her rainbow hair color.

“There’s something about what happens in spring, the holidays, the colors, that fresh feeling of happiness. It’s so inspiring for me,” says Amina.

Her tassels and piñatas are available to buy online, which she says you can use to decorate for parties and holidays, but you can also hang them around your home year round.

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