Thought-Provoking Illustrations That Depict What’s Wrong With Our Society.

Thought-Provoking Illustrations That Depict What’s Wrong With Our Society. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

What you’re about to see are some pretty dark illustrations showing us what’s gone horribly wrong with society. Artist Mimi N. has fronted the SUN Project along with four other contributors. Mimi started working on these comics in 2007. It became her therapy to deal with epileptic episodes. Since then, she has continued to provide us with an eye-opening interpretation of the boundaries between happiness and sadness, beauty and ugliness, and so much more. The project has gained more than 170,000 Instagram followers, and Mimi’s glad that people relate to the loneliness and depression portrayed in these thought-provoking images.It’s sad that some folks can’t make their marriage work, or be civilized to each other for their kid’s sake.

We post and post and hope people will hit like, but we dread the day people stop paying attention to us.

One nail might not seem like a big deal, but hundreds or thousands of them will destroy your spirit.

Every mistake is a learning lesson, but it doesn’t feel like it when everyone’s criticizing our performance.

Whatever it is that’s holding this kid back, he just can’t leave the house to join his friends outside.

Everyone has a breaking point while trying to vigorously acquire wealth. It’s just a matter of time.

You can waste your life trying to fit in, or you can branch out on your own and be unique and awesome.

It’s one thing to encourage kids to do their best, but pushing a child too far is wrong, plain and simple.

It shows others, who had their broken hearts patched up, now helping someone in serious need of help.

They might cozy up to you in order to take a selfie, but you never know when the claws will come out.

It’s not just kids. Even grownups bully each other without realizing their actions have consequences.

When we grow up, we realize we just can’t do whatever we want because we have tons of bills to pay.

It might be a parent or a boss, but there’s no excuse for letting anyone drag you through the mud either.

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