Tiny Apartment Is Only 400 SqFt, But A Few Clever Tricks Make It Feel Huge.

Tiny Apartment Is Only 400 SqFt, But A Few Clever Tricks Make It Feel Huge. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Four hundred square feet. That’s how little some of us have to call home. Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs doesn’t seem so bad in comparison. In 2013, Multifamily Executive reported that the average apartment is 982 square feet and that’s nearly 10 percent smaller than what it was a decade ago. But those who study or simply appreciate design —makers with a Pinterest account, university students, and experts in the field — know that a space is what you make of it. With the right colors and the right decor, you can have yourself a livable home, no matter how small. Small spaces often inspire a look and feel of coziness, mismatched furniture and shades of brown, you know, the stuff of fairy tales, but they can also be modern. Today’s case in point is this chic residence in Stockholm. Although it was built as a studio, it was cleverly fashioned to look like a one-bedroom apartment.Although you can see the entire apartment in one glance, it appears much more spacious than your average 400 square foot home.

It’s possible to paint your place grey without making it drab. They key is keeping it light so that it blends in with the whites.

The living room wall is decorated with frame art and one standout piece you may recognize as “Kate Moss, Life is a joke.”

Indoor plants are good Fung Shui. Not only do they add that perfect pop of color without interference, they also help purify the air.

The biggest highlight of this apartment is the glass encased bedroom. The barrier provides them with some privacy and you can always add drapes or curtains for more. Located just by the window, he inhabitant also receives plenty of natural light.

One way to do that is to invest in space saving furniture. Rather than having a clunky wardrobe, go for one with suitable compartments.

Those of us who live in big cities or with small budgets may feel like we’ve been robbed of a proper living space but all is not lost.

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