Man Creates Tiny Backpack So Dog Parents Can Tote Their Tiny Pup.

Man Creates Tiny Backpack So Dog Parents Can Tote Their Tiny Pup. August 21, 2019

Attention: Pet owners everywhere, prepare yourself for an overload of cuteness! If you’re like a lot of pet owners, you like to bring your fur baby everywhere. You consider them a part of your family, and not just a piece of property that stays at home, and gives you attention when you want it. Sometimes, bringing your furry children with you on your travels isn’t always an easy task to accomplish. Tran, from Vietnam, came up with a perfect solution for his puppy travel problems.Tony and Tiny are the lucky companions to pet-lover, Tran. Not only are Tony and Tiny friends, but they are in a relationship, as well.

All of the puppies were given to good homes, except for one, Teddy. Tran kept Teddy with him, while all of the rest of the puppies went to family members.

Since, he wasn’t old enough to walk alone, Tran had to do something. He was inspired by a backpack that he used for his dogs.

He grabbed some scissors, an old jean jacket, and got to work. Tran was on to something great!

Tran made a Teddy-sized backpack. It’s a perfect fit for Tony to carry on his back.

Now, they can enjoy adventures on the town all together. And it’s an absolutely adorable sight to see!