Tiny Cat Says ‘I’m Not Scared Of You’ To Massive Lion.

Tiny Cat Says ‘I’m Not Scared Of You’ To Massive Lion. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever heard of little man syndrome? It’s an inferiority complex where an individual picks on bigger individuals to overcompensate for his or her perceived shortcomings. This is common amongst us humans and just as common in the animal world. Why else do you think small breed dogs love to bark at bigger dogs so much? Well, apparently, it exists in cats too. At least that’s what it seems like for a brave little cat named Baggy. She didn’t just challenge a bigger cat, she challenged the top of the food chain: a lion.You’ll never know when they’ll surprise you like this particular brave cat who decided to stand up to a way bigger cat.

The cat’s name is Baggy and she couldn’t stop challenging a lion named Noey, who happens to live in BigCatDerek’s animal rescue facility.

Baggy, however, just wouldn’t listen. As little as she looks, she definitely was not scared to pounce.

She wasn’t the least bit scared of Noey and looked like she was ready to brawl.

Not sure if Baggy is really that brave or just completely unaware of his actual size. But one thing’s for sure, Baggy probably would be acting differently if there wasn’t a fence separating the two.

**Watch Baggy’s brave challenge for yourself in the short video below.**

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