Tiny Mouse Fell Into A Frozen Lake… Fortunately These Guys Were Watching.

Tiny Mouse Fell Into A Frozen Lake… Fortunately These Guys Were Watching. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Considering this little creature’s size, this story is pretty incredible: Agains all odds, a mouse in Toronto, Canada made it out of a frigid lake alive. Even more impressive? Somehow, a person was able to document the entire thing. Here’s the story from the photographer who took these images and turned them into a video story: *”I was taking a winter stroll along the dog beach in my area of Toronto, when I noticed a lady desperately holding on to the cropped tail of her dog (who was already knee deep in the water). The owner kept trying to get its attention but to no avail. After asking her what the fuss was all about, she pointed to the frigid waters of the lake and replied: “A mouse fell off the icy wall, and it just can’t get back on it. It keeps falling in the water.” It took me a while to actually see the furry creature, but once I did, I was struck by the little tiny brown mouse’s repeated efforts to climb up the wall, only to crash back in the water. It would make it a few inches up and then slipped back into the freezing water. I started quietly rooting for this itty, bitty creature; watching this drama unfold was heart-wrenching. Even though the little mouse was about 7-10 feet off the shore, the waves were constant, and the water, icy cold.”* The woman and her dog at that point, but the photographer kept watching, snapping photos the entire way. What happened next is kind of miraculous. *”I then left with a big smile on my heart. As I’ve heard it say so often… It may not have made a difference in the world, but it made a world of difference to that little mouse.”* See a photo journey of this tough little mouse’s story below.

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