Tiny Puppy Found Tied To Tree In Swamp Area Finds Love In His New Home.

Tiny Puppy Found Tied To Tree In Swamp Area Finds Love In His New Home. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Humans don’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to treating animals properly. But if you thought abandoning a creature on the side of the road was bad, then wait until you hear what was done to a puppy named Nash. Animal cruelty is illegal in North Carolina, but that didn’t stop someone from literally leaving this tiny pup out to dry. And if a woman in Wake County hadn’t heard the pooch’s whining, this story wouldn’t have a happy ending.The noise was faint and distant but it seemed to be coming from a swampland several acres from her home in the town of Zebulon. She decided to investigate and that’s when she saw Nash for the very first time.

Nash was tied to a tree on a small patch of dry land. He was struggling to free himself, but that only made the rope around his neck tighter. Without hesitating, Jess walked into the swamp’s mud across 100 feet to reach him.

She also realized that he didn’t get himself all tangled up in the rope the way he was either. Someone had deliberately done this to him. Fortunately, she had a pocket knife on her, which she used to cut the rope.

She also found some extra maggots in the wound around his tiny neck. So, she took him to the vet where the SPCA worked with Care First Animal Hospital to get Nash all of the necessary medical care he desperately needed.

There were signs of burns on his tail and ear, possibly caused by sun exposure or chemicals, but they had no way of knowing how long the poor puppy had been tied up like that before Jess found him. But it didn’t explain why he had been abandoned or treated so inhumanely.

Since he can’t hear commands, he’s been taught how to recognize the hand signal for words like “treat” and “bathroom.” But everyone’s hopeful that Nash will eventually gain his ability to hear again with the proper care.

Wild boar, bobcats, and coyotes tend to roam near her home, so if she hadn’t heard Nash’s whining, he would have fallen prey to the natural predators in the rural area. Fortunately, he got a second chance at a better life.

Trust issues were bound to arise, but shortly after undergoing treatment, he got the social support that he needed from his foster family, which included two older dogs. The pooches helped Nash to see that the world isn’t really such a bad place after all.

But after 24 hours, Nash was running and playing with his two foster brothers, and according to Aubut, Nash has a huge appetite. Now, Aubut hopes that he’ll be able make the pooch a permanent addition to his family, but he better get in line, because there are plenty of people eager to adopt him.

Humans were obviously responsible for putting Nash’s life in jeopardy. But it’s also important to recognize that humans saved his life and gave him the tender loving care he needed and deserved.

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