Tips And Tricks For Saving Money On Netflix

Tips And Tricks For Saving Money On Netflix March 31, 2023Leave a comment

A year of Netflix’s basic plan is $108, and a year of Netflix’s premium plan is almost $200! Fortunately, you can reduce your spending on Netflix with these few tricks!

1. Share An Account With Friends Or Family

Yes, you can share your account with whoever you want, and Netflix won’t care about it. This means cheaper Netflix for you and your loved ones!

2. Get A Netflix Account In Another Country

Netflix is available in many countries, each with a different subscription fee. Find a country where Netflix is cheaper and set up an account by creating a password, username, local payment method, and a local phone number.

3. Reduce Cellular Data Usage

You can change your streaming settings on Netflix to reduce your internet bill. Go to App settings, select Video Playback, and click Cellular Data Usage. Then, select Save Data and disable Automatic.

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