Titanic Replica Photos Show How The $600M Ship Compares To The Original.

Titanic Replica Photos Show How The $600M Ship Compares To The Original. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s true! The Titanic is actually going to sail once again. A businessman from Australia was so enamored with the original ship that he decided to build a new one. He partnered up with Blue Star Line and together they are making it a reality. It is designed completely as the original one was back in the day but it will have all of today’s modern technology. This will make the voyages safer and in some cases more comfortable. The cost of this new vessel will be around $300 million and it is set to sail sometime in 2018. It will offer a completely unique experience for those wanting to travel like they did back in the day that the original Titanic sank. As with any ship going out into the ocean nothing is 100% guaranteed but it’s not something that happens very often anymore so the experience should be a lot of fun. It has the old style Turkish baths, the indoor swimming pool, and the dining areas that are just like the ship that sank over one hundred years ago. It even has that beautiful staircase in the middle of the ship as a major feature so you can play Leonardo and Kate if you wish! It will have 840 cabins and room for 2,435 passengers, not to mention the 900 crew members. That is one gigantic ship! The Titanic II will sail from Jiangsu, China to Dubai in the Middle East for its first trip. After that it’s anybody’s guess as to where it will sail so pay attention to where it may be going if you want to experience the past with today’s technology!The new ship comes completely designed as the original one was. With today’s technology the ride will be much safer.

Remember that indoor swimming pool that made the original ship famous? You can now take a swim in it if you want. But keep in mind that it was made to duplicate the experience from back then. Meaning that it won’t have the comfort level that might expect today.

The ship is scheduled to make its first voyage in 2018. This is a rendering of what it will look like for that initial trip and as you can see it’s very close to the original. Will you get on it?

Just like you saw in the movie, there are dining areas set up just like back in the day.

As with the original, the grand Staircase is once again the focus feature in the middle of the ship. You can see here that it looks exactly the same, if not better, than the original.

While the ship will be a destination for the rich and famous you don’t have to fit into that category to take a trip on it. There are accommodations for first class, second class and third class as well. So go ahead and book your trip!

As you can see the most important area of the vessel is designed exactly like the original but it’s equipped with technology from today. Notice the bright digital scanners that were not available back in those days.

The ship is designed to be a perfect replica of the original Titanic. But don’t let that throw you, it has all of the things you need to be comfortable today. It’s a prefect combination of new and old!

This informative video shares some great historic information on the old ship as well as the ideas and design for the new one!

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