29 Truths About Kids Of Today Versus The Other Generations.

29 Truths About Kids Of Today Versus The Other Generations. December 15, 2017

Sometimes, there will be a moment when we miss our childhood. How we played with neighbors, have nothing to be stressed out—what we think was only how Super Mario got to the next stage. What do the kids nowadays do to spend time? It’s not surprising anymore if we, the older generation, have negative thinking for them, because…..The phone is.

Probably, kids will be surprise to see our first phone!

They now close their room when they want to call someone privately. In previous time, secrets were impossible.

No more! Just open social media and they will remember their every moment.

Surely priority is personal preference. But still….

It’s no longer the same, dear. Kids will choose to tell everything to internet than parents.

Hospital will need to re-regulate their rules. Seriously, kids nowadays can die without phone!

They use Kurt Cobain shirt without even knowing who he was.

Play. Yeah. The first question will be, “What is the wi-fi password?” and then, there is no further question.

Want a challenging game? Guess the age of those sexy girls in Instagram.

Oh, it’s a symbol of ‘save’ in computer.

How they spend money to get gadgets is as easy as when we want to buy cards.

For sure they are needed by business players.

Action only, without thinking like the real adult.

Please take a look on the kids on the corner….. what…. Do they do?

Oh, I was wrong. I thought that 2015 kid is playing kite….

They have a bunch of dolls but….

And you… still single.

Now it’s easy.

The real pleasure of listening to the music while reading the lyrics.

And now they complain when it takes more than 5 minutes.

It’s not that they don’t know the theory. They are just being honest.

You will, girl, you will. Not this soon.

Actually, it is the thing used by your parent to call their friends…

In each period, grandfather will have something to be complained for kids.

Now? Take the charger and problem solved. Sorrow never exists.

Please understand the difference between PSP and PS3, mom.

They just don’t care who owns that money.