These 20 Freakishly Cute Photos Are What You Need Right Now.

These 20 Freakishly Cute Photos Are What You Need Right Now. September 12, 2019

It’s no secret that when it comes to cuteness, kids, animals and stuffed animals are at the top of our list. But thanks to the internet, there are so many cute pictures out there that we could literally drown in cuteness. So beware! If you take a break and start looking at these adorable photos, you might suffer a cute overload that will make you squeal and you might not recover from. You’ve been warned! Now take a look at these pics radiating with cuteness. Seriously! They are so cute that we’re surprised that they haven’t broken the internet already.At first glance, they look like five spiky hot dogs. But as adorable as they seem, we can’t help but wonder if it was painful giving birth to them. Well, actually baby hedgehogs are quite soft and spongy when they’re born, so probably not.

Notice their coat and how each one seems to be coming out whiter? They’re like chocolate, caramel, vanilla, vanilla, polar bear, polar bear, and we just love how they go from grumpy looking too cute and happy in just a few short months.

The chipmunk is looking up at this woman on top of Eagle Cap summit, 9,570 ft. It’s almost like he’s asking, “excuse me miss, but do you happen to have some food with you for me and my brothers Simon and Theodore?”

Why would a dog need a dog house when he’s got his own private suite inside of his owner’s home? Now that’s just heartwarming and cozy. Too bad we can’t fit into one of these.

We almost feel bad for the man buried under this bear-size pooch. But the one we feel bad for is the black dog next to them who feels totally left out.

While most kitties would eat the flowers and then use the soil bed as a litter box, this one was smarter and decided to take time out of life to appreciate the lovelier side of things.

Only a bird brain would fail to see that these two are winging it on the wings of love. Aw, they look so cute together, and some say that these types of birds, mate for life, so goth chick is here to stay.

But this pup is so excited about getting pampered. Just look at his eyes and his little tongue sticking out. Couldn’t you just pass out from the overwhelming cuteness?

He’d rather kiss his little bunny good night. Well, actually, it’s the bunny that does all the kissing! There’s a lot of love in that house!

They’re smarter too and when you add up the total of a love that’s true, like these two kitties clearly have for each other, you multiply life by the power of two.

Until they figure it out by watching mommy doing it, they wind up sticking their entire trunk and mouth into a body of water. It’ll be another 9 months before this little one figures out how to use its trunk.

While it won’t tear you apart with its fire breathing abilities, because it doesn’t have any, it will warm you up with how cute and defenseless it really is.

We always thought that poodles looked a bit like humans in dog suits, but these two just take it to a whole new level. The only thing they need to do is talk and they’re in business.

This kitty is definitely going to bring all the boys to the bar. We just hope they don’t drink so much that they mistake this tiny fur ball for peanuts and go all “Alf” on it.

This pup should win an award for the most handsome puppy ever. Guys better watch out, cause your girl will probably leave you and run off to live happily ever after with him instead.

Oh, look at how happy he is despite being turned into a knapsack. You just want to walk up to him and pet him until your hand hurts.

This rescuer managed to find this adorable survivor huddled under the hood of a car trying to stay warm and dry. Thank goodness rescue teams aren’t limited to looking after humans only.

There’s plenty of wisdom in those eyes and she looks absolutely gorgeous. If anything, she’s proven that pooches are like wine, and only get better with age.

In a world, where one of these should be the hunter and the other should be the prey, this kitty and ducky have found each other and sharing a tender hug during a time of crisis.

Okay, so it’s not exactly the Hilton, but to a cat, a bed like this can seem like a million bucks. Now she can purr, purr, purr to a good night’s sleep.