Tourist Mauled After He Teased A Bear By Dangling Food In Front Of It.

Tourist Mauled After He Teased A Bear By Dangling Food In Front Of It. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered why every animal cage has a sign that says “don’t feed the animals”? Well, there’s a real good reason for that, and unlike all the other signs you ignore, like “don’t litter,” you better adhere to this one, because your life might depend on it. Unfortunately, one man chose to ignore the signs and the results were predictably violent and graphic after he teased a bear who was very hungry.It was an atypical day that involved a visit throughout the temple in rural Phetchabun province in Thailand, but he had no idea that things would go horribly wrong.

What happened next was jaw dropping and terrifying when the bear suddenly snatched the bowl and the man into its lair.

As they looked on, the bear started mauling Naiphum viciously and had every intention of tenderizing his food until it was ready to consume it.

They mainly contained two dozen wild boars and a bear in a small, but comfortable habitat where they are cared for and on occasion, allow the guests to feed.

So, when he arrived, he leaned a bit too close against the surrounding wall while trying to dangle bowls of rice from the end of one rope.

The animal stood on its legs and grabbed Naiphum, and after a violent struggle, he knocked the man unconscious and then decided to tear some flesh from his armpit.

Meanwhile, his friends tried poking the bear with poles, but that did nothing to get the animal to release its hostage. If anything, it probably made it angrier.

After all, it’s just a bear, acting on its natural instincts for survival, a hunter, who is trying to survive another day by feeding off of this fresh morsel.

It became painfully obvious what the bear’s intentions were and that horrified the Thai men above who feared for their friend’s life.

He claimed that the creatures were hungry because there wasn’t enough food. The appeal for donations was what brought Naiphum and his friends over to lend a hand.

Every second they did nothing brought Naiphum that much closer to a grisly end at the paws and jaws of this ferocious, and clearly, hungry animal.

They threw water at the massive beast, but the bear just walks away and drags the man in its mouth to the cage to prepare what could have been a rather large meal.

Then it started dragging him back to its cage to either store him as food for later or eat him for lunch right then and there.

The group of friends, along with a monk, raced towards the cage with a pole in their hands to fight if necessary and rescue their friend.

60-year-old Bpae Permpoonsap from the Khon Khao Koo Pai Rescue Service assessed the situation and reported on the vicious bear attack that nearly cost someone their life.

He claims that he was lucky to have survived and although the intention of trying to feed the bear was noble, it was ultimately an oversight that shouldn’t have happened.

This stunned the animal long enough for the men to drag poor Naiphum’s broken body out of the cage so they could eventually take him to a hospital.

Ironically, he survived and is not only recovering, but able to talk about the horrible experience. One thing’s for sure, Naiphum got off easy and the bear could have done worse.

Once you click play you’ll never see bears in the same way again after you see how a Thai man wound up mauled by a vicious and hungry bear.

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