Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Comical.

Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Comical. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

You would think that designing a toy is a very easy task. If you don’t mind being unoriginal, there are plenty of ideas for children’s toys. You could choose from dolls, stuffed animals, or even classic children’s characters. Unfortunately, the list we’ve compiled just shows proof that there absolutely nothing that a human can’t mess up.

Most people would assume that designing a jigsaw puzzle for children would be pretty simple. Just print out an image, then use a puzzle pattern to cut it out. That obviously didn’t work out well this time, though, considering Cinderella looks like her nose got stung by a bee. You’ll rethink every stuffed animal you’ve ever had after you see this next image.

Cartoon monkeys are commonly seen with a banana in their hands. This monkey’s banana sure does seem harmless enough when you first glance at it. That is until you realize where the banana is located. Not exactly kid-friendly! Stay away from the Barbie aisle at the store if your kid loves Beauty And The Beast!

It goes without saying that Emma Watson is one of the most beautiful actresses out there. The role of Belle in Beauty And The Beast was absolutely perfect for Emma. It would appear that the same isn’t true for her Belle Barbie doll. The following toy will leave you puzzled and worried for humanity.

It’s pretty obvious that this toy should never have been made. The pieces should not be fitting together like that. It’s not age-appropriate, at all. And what were they thinking when they gave the bear’s facial expression like those? Once you see this next image, Buzz Lightyear will make you feel an entirely different way.

Any time an object requires a child to put their mouth on or around it, product design needs to be carefully considered. This is exactly what happens when the designer doesn’t think it out all the way through. You would not want your kid to drink out that straw! The following doll isn’t exactly the “pretty baby” you were expecting.

We understand why they called this doll “Pretty Baby.” When you take off the wig, you sure do see a chubby-cheeked, cute baby. We’re not exactly sure why they felt that the baby needed a wig, but that’s exactly what we’ve got here. You may think it’s impossible to mess up scissor design, but you were obviously very wrong.

Wonder Woman was the bees knees last year. Which is why it makes sense that children would want all of their school supplies to be Wonder Woman themed. But since this Wonder Woman is missing a torso, you might want to get a different pair of scissors. If your little one has a crazy imagination, you might consider getting them this next toy.

This Harry Potter toy goes against the norm. This Harry Potter decided to join the Blue Man Group after he graduated. Apparently, he also developed a case of vertigo which made him unable to ride his broom, so he put wheels on it so he could get around. You’ll want to leave the planet after seeing this next toy.

Most toy design fails are subtle enough that it takes you a minute to see the flaw. But not this toy. It’s immediately apparent that something is wrong. First, why is the girl naked sitting on a log? But the worse part is exposed when you take the pieces of the toy apart. You probably don’t remember noticing them, but the toys you used to play with are a little messed up, too.

There’s nothing like classic wooden toys. You had to use your imagination in order to play with them. But you definitely didn’t need any imagination to see that the mice were most likely exposed to large amounts of radiation and were born with two noses. It’s nice to see that the royal guard doesn’t discriminate. There are sometimes problems when playing with toy guns, but usually not like this.

For many decades children have looked up to the superhero Batman. This squirt gun is based on Adam West as Batman. But it kind of makes us wonder whether or not the kids who played with this gun, and its sketchy trigger, need some sort of psychological therapy now. The designer of the next toy design would probably have their head cut off by the queen

If you’ve ever read or watched Alice in Wonderland, you already know that the queen’s whole life revolved around being the Queen of Hearts. Apparently, whoever designed this deck of cards figured that the Three of Clubs looked better on the queen. We’re not sure, but wasn’t her being the queen sort of the whole thing? This next toy reminds us of the movie Alien, but made for kids, instead.

We can’t even explain what’s going on here. There’s a teddy bear with a tear in a suspicious part of its body. Then you see another stuffed animal inside of it. What is this? A lesson in C-sections for kids? You’ll want the following stuffed toy to be buried deep beneath the hundred acre forest.

We feel it’s a safe bet to say that this Winnie-the-Pooh doll is sitting inside an evidence locker because there’s no way the person who made this is sane. Oh, you don’t agree? Well, we think that anyone who would put human teeth on a Pooh doll is a little off. The next toy should definitely be reported to proper authorities any time it’s seen!

This toy would be a shoo-in for a winner if there was a contest for the biggest toy design fail. To give the designer a little credit, it looks like they tried to make it look like the elf was giving Santa a big hug. It seems more likely that the designer is on an FBI, or Interpol, watch list. And at the very least he got fired from his job at the toy factory for, well, the obvious.

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