Could You Live In This Transparent Home?

Could You Live In This Transparent Home? March 2, 2020

A home is a very special place. It’s the one place in the world that you can let go of every inhibition you have and just be yourself. Your home is your sacred space and you can find that space just about anywhere. Some people live on the top of a mountain, or on the water’s edge, and some people find their sanctuary among the trees. A team of designers created House NA, which you may have seen in our post [15 Of The Strangest Homes In The World][1], with the trees in mind, so keep scrolling to find out how this couple can live in a tree-like home, smack dab in the middle of a city. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/strangest-home/The inspiration for this 914-square-foot home comes from none other than trees themselves. But, as you can tell, the house looks nothing at all like a tree, so how can they even compare it?

Inside of the home are 21 different floor plates that are all placed at varying heights. Because of this layout, there are so many things that can be done inside.

Meaning, the house can be treated as one collective room, or a bunch of separate rooms. This provides the ability to participate in plenty of different activities across the levels.

If the couple desires a more intimate setting they can just distribute people throughout the house. It makes it feel like you’re alone, but at the same time, still with the other people in the house. Now, are you finally ready to see how this home is like a tree?

“The intriguing point of a tree is that these places are not hermetically isolated but are connected to one another in its unique relativity. To hear one’s voice from across and above, hopping over to another branch, a discussion taking place across branches by members from separate branches. These are some of the moments of richness encountered through such spatially dense living,” said Fujimoto.

Transitioning to different levels is simple. Each level can be reached by either stairs or steps. Some of them are even movable. The different spaces can be used for many things.

The platforms can be used for working, seating for guests, or even sleeping. Talk about functional! You’re probably wondering where the utilities are hidden. Well, keep reading to find out.

Some of the floors in the house have in-floor heating, which is extremely convenient during the cold winter nights. That would certainly feel nice when walking around first thing in the morning. Now, you’re probably wondering where are the HVAC and plumbing located.

This is where the plumbing and HVAC are located. There’s also room for storage in this area. Some of the lateral bracing for the home is located here, too.

The designers also included a full-length bookshelf to help provide some more lateral bracing. But the real question is how do you get privacy in such a transparent house?

They didn’t want to take away from its transparency, so they added curtains that can be used as partitions. But even with partitions, this house wouldn’t be suitable for anyone who requires a lot of privacy.

Anyone looking at the house can see what the residents are doing. Most people would have a hard time with that, but the owners of this house don’t seem to mind.

Just hanging out on your roof on a sunny day, watching your neighbor tend to her garden. They probably feel like they’re on top of the world.

And this is what makes it feel so much like a tree. It’s just like they’re hanging out on some branches, watching monkeys play around them. But instead of monkeys, they get cars and neighbors. Do you think you could you live here?

It is beautiful but we tend to like walls a little bit too much to live here. But to each their own, right?

**Take a look at this video and maybe you’ll be inspired to build your own transparent home!**