Puppy Trapped Under Rocks For A Month Is Finally Saved, And Look At Him Now.

Puppy Trapped Under Rocks For A Month Is Finally Saved, And Look At Him Now. January 31, 2019

There are a lot of occasions in life where we run out of ways to reach our goal, but that is the exact moment when people should not give up. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. It simply means to meet the challenge at its hardest point by working even harder. The story below proves the same; when you have to do something, you just do it and focus completely on the task and the task alone.A group of people in Egypt were walking by a cluster of giant rocks when they heard a soft sound, crying out for help. The people hurried to figure out the source of the sound. Soon they discovered a puppy that was trapped under the pile of rocks and realized the immediate need to help the puppy.

At first, they tried to move the mountain of rocks. Unfortunately, the rocks were too large and heavy to move. Thus, their second step involved crawling between the rocks but the cracks were too small to do so. However, they didn’t give up. Over the days, the rescuers worked around the clock to get the puppy out of there.

Considering the placement of the rocks, it raised the question of how did the puppy get there in the first place. But judging from her condition, it was evident that she had been there for quite some time. People were bringing food for the poor soul but nobody could get her out. However, irrespective of the difficulties, people decided to continue working on rescuing her. They worked tirelessly for a week to move the rocks until there was enough space for the dog to come out.

Since people had been involved for a long time, they were overwhelmed to lay eyes on her. The puppy seemed to be ecstatic on finally being out in the open. Given her entire situation and story, they all decided to call her ‘Rock’. Some of the rescuers got so emotional that they couldn’t control their tears while holding her.

She was already famous in the neighborhood and people were filled with joy on seeing her out in the open and free. It didn’t take a long time to find a home for her; she was soon adopted into a loving and warm home. It is funny how things work out in life; this story reminds us never to give up hope and keeping doing good deeds.