You Probably Don’t Need Any Of These 20 New Travel Gadgets, But You Will WANT All Of Them.

You Probably Don’t Need Any Of These 20 New Travel Gadgets, But You Will WANT All Of Them. February 19, 2017

Planning a vacation requires lots of time and effort, and packing does too! Still, even if you meticulously pack your bag with everything you can imagine, odds are you’ll forget something (or bring something completely unnecessary). As frustrating as that might be, know this: As long as you have *at least one* of these handy travel gadgets with you, your vacation is bound to be a success. **You’ll definitely have a strong opinion about the last one.**This is a great little addition to your beach bag. It’s basically a beach towel with a pillow on one end, which is everything you need to relax on the beach. Even better: The pillow opens on the side, and can be used for storage to keep your belongings away from the sand. It even has a touch-screen window for your smartphone.

Most diseases contracted while vacationing are caused by contaminated or dirty water. When visiting countries whose water supplies might be less than ideal, you can bring along a SteriPen. This portable water purifier uses UV rays to turn tap water into safe drinking water, and it’s small enough to fit in your purse!

If you’re prone to losing things on vacation, you should definitely invest in a Tile. It’s basically a tracking device you can attach to your bag, keys, or passport, and you can track it using your smartphone or iPad.

For those who easily grow weary of hauling a bag around, Micro Luggage is the perfect solution. It’s designed to act as a bag, trolley and skateboard all-in-one, meaning you can easily move your bag through the airport, and have fun doing it. Bonus: It fits within most airlines’ carry-on bag limits.

SlotFlops are sandals with a secret chamber in the sole, perfect for storing your keys, cash, or credit card before you head to the beach. Just make sure that you close the slot tightly before you go tromping around on the sand!

There is nothing worse than trying to sleep on an airplane and having the distinct feeling that someone is watching you. Enter HoodiePillow Travel, the neck pillow with a hoodie attached, intended to give you a little privacy. With this gadget, you can pull on your hood, relax into your seat, and pretend you’re the only person on the plane.

Toilet paper is considered a luxury in many countries, and without it, you might find yourself in a little bit of a pickle. Hygiene Solo, the portable bidet, can help. Basically, you attach this contraption to a water bottle and use it to clean yourself. Going to the bathroom in Southeast Asia just got a lot easier.

Most people use their phones instead of a map these days…but when you’re traveling, that can mean a LOT of extra data charges. Why not use one of the Crumple City maps, intended to help you find your way and then be crumpled up and shoved back into your pocket for easy transport. The more you crumple, the cooler they look.

For travelers, jet lag can ruin at least two or three good day of a trip. Instead of cutting into your precious vacation time, why not get a pair of Re-Timers? These glasses help people fight the symptoms of jet lag by shining non-harmful LED lights into your eyes. The process can help energize you, and help reset your sleep schedule.

When traveling for business, there is nothing worse than a bulky liter water bottle clanking around in your bag, taking up all the space and making your bag look bulkier than it is. The Memobottle is trying to change that: It’s a flat bottle that fits into your briefcase just as easily as your laptop. The bottles even come in paper-sizes – A5, A4, and letter!

For frequent domestic travelers, the Clear Card can be a huge help. Clear Card holders have to apply online, issue two forms of ID, and submit their biometric data. This serves as a replacement for security measures taken by TSA: At 20 airports across the United States, Clear Card holders can breeze right past security!

This handy case will organize all your office supplies in addition to housing your laptop. Never get caught untangling your headphones again!

It looks like a Lego, but is so, so much more. The Cabaue 4-in-1 Travel adapter is compact, and houses adapters that work in over 150 countries!

If wrinkly clothing is your pet peeve, living out a suitcase can be a nightmare. This little baby heats of to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to press your shirts to perfection before your big meeting.

If you’re traveling to an unsafe area, you might want a little extra protection. You can attach this alarm to a door or window, and it will sound if intruders try to enter the room.

Though you might look crazy holding it up to people’s mouths, this is actually really awesome. The Sigmo translates 25 languages as they are spoken. Basically, it’s an amazing travel robot from the future, and we should all have one.

It’s not spurring that the GoPro Hero made it onto the list: It’s the best quality, most durable camera for travel on the market today.

Selfie sticks might be obnoxious when seen in restaurants or museums, but when you’re traveling, the odds are that you’ll want some great landscape photos (with you in them). This makes the PolarPro PowerPole Selfie Stick an essential item for your next sojourn.

On long flights, it’s easy for your arms to grow tired of holding a bulky iPad or hardcover book. The travel mount allows you to hook it to the back of your seat for hands free entertainment.

Possibly the most heavily-debated item on this list is this Knee Defender, a contraption that prevents the person in front of you from reclining their seat. We’ll stay out of the fray on this one, but what we WILL say is this: The Knee Defender is awesome if you’re the one in the back.