40 Travel Scams That Can RUIN Your Next Trip… Here’s How To Avoid Them.

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Have you ever heard of the tea house scams in China? Here's a basic explanation: First, Chinese students will meet you on the street and ask you to hang out, hoping to improve their English. If they convince you to join them, they'll take you to a tea cafe. There, they'll insist that you order a bunch of tea, then make an excuse to leave early. Unfortunately, that means you're stuck with the overly-inflated check, which is usually at least 20 times the cost of normal tea! The students come back later to collect a commission (after you're already long gone, hidden away in your hotel room, broke and embittered). Every country has its scammers, and the best way to avoid them is to educate yourself before your travel. This infographic explains some of the oldest scams in the book (including the tea house scam!) Just an FYI: This doesn't mean you should be paranoid when you travel, but it will give you a sharper eye for poppycock and prattle.