12 Creative Home Design Ideas For Old Tree Stumps… I’m Doing #5 Right Now.

12 Creative Home Design Ideas For Old Tree Stumps… I’m Doing #5 Right Now. May 3, 2017

When it comes to home furnishings, it seems more and more is massed produced and lacking personality. That’s why it is a refreshing change when we incorporate natural beauty and elements found in the wild. This DIY involves upcycling tree trunks and branches. With a little time and effort, it’s not overly hard to create gorgeous centrepieces that add unconventional flare to any room or green space in and around your home.You can create whatever design you want with tiles or broken glass. Make sure you purchase a glue for wood and glass simultaneously. Grout will also be needed for the nooks.

Use the trunk of the tree as a the base for a dining table.

This project will require you to put your muscles in to it. Drill drain hills. Dig a hole in the center of the stump deep enough for the soil and plants.

Add a huge shallow saucer and some water for birds to bathe in.

This is a great way to bring nature to the dinner table. Add a few pine cones and sprigs to complete the look.

You may need to take the piece you require to a local hardware store to cut the width to the required size in addition to the middle and top where you will insert a glass vase.

This is such a beautiful way to give an old tree a longer life. To ensure the wood does not rot, make sure to apply coats of based water proofer.

Create the perfect outdoor play table. Use the rocks in your yard and paint them as lady bugs and beetles for a tic-tac-toe challenge.

Use tree branches or skinny tree trunks thin enough to cut in to coasters.

Use chalkboard paint to make a rustic writing board.

Cut branches down into slices. Use adhesive picture hanging strips to mount them.

This gorgeous side table was sanded down and a couple coats of oats of glossy polyurethane to make this part of your living room furniture.

Paint the tops of the stumps in glow-in-the dark paint. Use different colors.

Add a piece of reclaimed wood to two tree stumps and you have a beautiful bench.

What a great way to save discarded wood. Make them in to stools. For the top part one can make the cushion from harvested latex foam and faux feather.

This is going to require another hardware store visit to create a visually gorgouse wine rack.

Upcycle old wood to make table tops for any room in your home.

Takes natural comfort to the next level. A solid piece of wood and cushions to sit back and relax.

Patience will be required to turn part of a tree in to closet with door.

Try to find a broken branch in your neighborhood to use for ornaments where you can write festive words.