Hidden In This Swedish Forest Is Something So Cool, I Can’t Believe It Exists.

Hidden In This Swedish Forest Is Something So Cool, I Can’t Believe It Exists. October 27, 2016

Dear nature lovers, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this Swedish Treehotel. Every room has a different theme, but one thing they all have in common are spectacular views of the valley and ingeniously creative themes.You stroll through the wilderness and see this beautifully esoteric cube floating among the trees. This is already freakin’ awesome. You make your way up the short bridge into your cube. Will you be startled by the sound of a bird flying into the mirrors? Nope, they’re clad with infrared film that only birds can see. Inside you’re met with the scent and sight of gorgeous white birch wood surfaces all around. It’s neat to know that from the outside it looks like you’re inside some kind of space traveling quantum world. From the inside, it’s a cozy natural and modern atmosphere that immediately makes you want to kick back, relax, and enjoy the view of the valley.

Instead of making something fit in with the environment, why not create something that stands out? How about a flying saucer? The experience is similar to what you’ve seen in the movies. You’re standing in the middle of the woods and encounter a flying saucer with its silver body piercing through the natural patterns of the woods. It seems to hover high above you as it reaches down with an inviting stair case, welcoming you aboard. You see the excitement on the faces of your family and immediately climb into the UFO. Inside you’re embraced with a spacious 2 floor room, the round interior seeming to expand the moment you enter. The decor is cleverly themed with stars constellations and the walls have round windows you can peer back to earth through. Turning around, you retract the stairs from outside, announce it’s time for take off, and wave goodbye! Your young family is giddy with joy as they imagine themselves as aliens with special powers aboard their new spacecraft!

We’ve zigged in the direction of the modern and futurist. Let’s zag towards the earthy side of things. What would a human tree nest be like? Well, here’s one in real life. Perched between two trees, you see what looks like a gigantic birds nest for some kind of gargantuan flying dinosaur. A friendly stair case greets you as you approach the big brown nest. When you enter the room, you’re met with the dazzling contrast of the crazy sporadic outside appearance by a clean, spacious inside. Your family of 4 spread throughout the room and find their comfy locations, claiming beds, and exploring the cozy 55 square foot nest.

Next is the Cabin. You and your loved ones are standing outside looking at your new tree room. It’s a capsule suspended in the air and perched at the bank of a deep cliff. You get the sense this thing is really high up! Off you go, waltzing up the horizontal bridge from the side of the mountain directly into your room. Inside you meet the familiar scent of a ritzy hotel room, with modern pillows, comforters and decor. But, best of all is the spectacular view of the valley, where the outside light fills the main bedroom. It’s a long structure with two floors so you make your way to the terrace up top where you find yourself surrounded by the peaceful forest and an incredible view.

If you like the views from being really high up, but don’t want to experience the steepness, you’ll probably like the Blue Cone. It’s a charming red room that reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. The bridge is short and juts off the mountain side to the room. Once you’re inside, you’re welcomed with a clean cabin atmosphere soothed with the smell of the timber wood. You walk to the end of the room and find an enchanting view of the forest and its wildlife. It almost feels like you’re suspended high above the mountain side.

Years ago, Plato made a discovery that took his philosophical thinking to a whole new level. The stimulation of steam and the effect of trees have on the human psyche combine to create an ideal location for thinking and exploring ideas. Thus, he began giving lessons to students in a garden close to a bathhouse. The idea behind the Tree Sauna recreates these unique experience in a setting for relaxation. You and 7 others can enjoy the fire, steam, earth, and air experience. In addition to relaxing, maybe you’ll have a life changing epiphany!