The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Finally Revealed.

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Finally Revealed. November 1, 2018

Is it real or isn’t it? The Bermuda Triangle is something that has been debated for a very long time now. There are countless reports that say aircraft and ships have vanished into thin air and are never seen or heard from again. Then there are reports that say this isn’t true. The longer the stories are told, the more people try to explain it as being real. The triangle is the area of water between the Miami, Florida area to Puerto Rico and up to Bermuda then back to Florida. There is no doubt that in this waterway there have been some accidents. It’s one of the most travelled areas in the world so due to shear volume alone there are bound to be some incidents. But the government says those accidents are a very small number in comparison to the actual number of travelers. That seems to make sense, if you believe what the government says. There are some land masses within the triangle that don’t seem to have any problems at all so that certainly works against the rumors but then again, it could be just a water related thing. We may never know if the reports that we hear are real and we may never know if it is anything more than an old wives’ tale. But it’s fun to look over some of the things that have been reported over the years. Today we will take a look at some of those reports.The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water that is between Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. This is one of the very few things about the area that are 100% true.

On December 5th, 1945 a Navy plane entered the area with fourteen men aboard for a routine training exercise. It is known as Flight 19. A little less than two hours into the flight there was trouble reported and it was never seen or heard from again. Later that day a search plane with thirteen crew members went looking for the doomed flight. Twenty seven minutes after take off it too vanished and was never seen or heard from again.

The triangle is a good place for hurricanes to get very strong as the warm waters provide plenty of fuel for a storm.

There have been reports that the water and even the air looks very different within the triangle. However this only seems to effect certain planes and ships, not every single one.

There are plenty of reports that have said a plane or a ship doesn’t just enter the fog or into a storm. Reports suggest that these areas of fog and storms can follow anyone in the area and can’t be escaped from.

If you believe in the reports that have been filed over the years the Bermuda Triangle may just be an area you want to stay out of.

People that have been through the area say that a storm can form above you and be very intense while not covering a large area. However some of them stay idle and don’t move along with a plane or a ship. A look at the overall reports combined seem to show a lot of discrepancies.

The Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean. The bottom is more than 28,300 feet deep. One of the reports is that vessels get caught in that area and are so far down that they can never be located.

The Ellen Austin once found a deserted ship in the triangle and placed some crew members on it to take it ashore. During the trip the ships became separated. When they got together again the entire crew that was placed on the found ship was missing and the ship was once again deserted.

There are countless theories as to why disaster keeps happening in the Bermuda Triangle. Aliens, gas, sea monsters and magnetism are a few of those.

All of the reports say that trouble came out of nowhere without warning. Some have reported that a once beautiful day turned almost deadly within seconds and no reasoning could be found as to why.

There are reports that say the lost City of Atlantis is down at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle and that’s what causes all of the reported incidents. Some believe that crystals or some sort of magical power down there stops ships or planes from travelling over the city.

In 1964 when the term “Bermuda Triangle” was first used, the United States built a base in The Bahamas and started researching the air and water travel in the triangle. Oddly there have never been any reports of findings released.

How can ship with a full crew just vanish without a trace? Maybe it can sink and it can be explained that way. However the question of how can a crew disappear from a ship yet the ship itself is undamaged, in the middle of an area of water, cannot be explained.

Another theory to the area is that it’s the point on Earth that has the highest amount of magnetic energy. This causes compasses to malfunction and ships and planes are then lost forever. What do you believe?