7 Kitchen Tricks Used By Pros That Actually Work.

7 Kitchen Tricks Used By Pros That Actually Work. December 27, 2016

There are certain nuisances in the kitchen that are actually quite easy to fix. The video *7 Kitchen Hacks* by LEAF gives an easy solution to all those pet-peeves. The tricks are simple and only require things that are already available in your pantry. Some of the tricks and their simplicity worthy to highlight are how to stop crying when chopping onions as well as how to disinfect a cutting board. The quick remedy is to pour white vinegar on the chopping board and keep cutting away without any tears. The second is rub kosher salt with lemon, rub it thoroughly and rinse. Watch the video for more helpful tips. [LEAF][1] is a website dedicated to inform and inspire. It offers no sweat step-by-step instructions to make life that much easier in 30 to 90 second video tutorials. The website boasts “the beauty of Pinterest meets the brevity of Twitter.” [1]: