President Trump’s Car Collection Will Leave You Speechless With Envy.

President Trump’s Car Collection Will Leave You Speechless With Envy. February 19, 2021

It goes without saying that President Trump has a lifestyle that most of us can only imagine living. With his hotels, golf courses, and cars, it’s surprising to many that he actually has the willingness to run this great nation. If you’ve been dying to know what Trump would be driving around if he wasn’t armed to the teeth with Secret Service agents, then you’ve come to the right place. Trump has more money than any of us could ever dream of having, and it’s clear that he enjoys spending his hard earned money on the cars that allow him to go fast!

Most people know Trump to ride around in his classy 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. It’s believed that there were only 370 of these cars released in 2003, which is probably why it cost Trump a whopping $450,000! The Mercedes-Benz is most certainly one of the flashiest cars on the market, and it definitely turned heads when Trump had it delivered right to his doorstep at Trump Tower in New York.

Trump was the talk of the nation when he bought the Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster in the ‘90s. Even though Trump doesn’t own the car anymore, it’s still one of the most recognizable cars that he’s ever owned. Now that it’s on the market, though, Trump can still take pride in knowing that the sale listing reportedly describes the car as “pampered,” and it still has the original paint job, which was custom made LeMans blue just for Trump.

This $200,000 car is more than just a flashy way to get from one place to another. Trump’s 2015 Mercedes-Benz S600 is more like an armed fortress than a car. It can withstand small arms fire, and apparently, small explosives, as well!

Donald Trump had Rolls-Royce build him a replica of one of the first cars he’d ever owned, the 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Even though Trump was more than willing to spend the big bucks on one of his favorite vehicles, it’s rumored that this particular Rolls-Royce doesn’t do well at auctions. It’s clear that Trump went with nostalgia when purchasing this vehicle, but that’s more than okay because the car is still incredible!

It’s believed that Trump actually drives his $500,000 2015 Rolls-Royce Phantom himself, and who can blame him? With the custom paint job, the voice-activated navigation system, and the V12, 453-horsepower engine, who wouldn’t want to drive in luxury everywhere they went?

President Trump can relax in style in his spacious American-made Cadillac Escalades with its V8 engine and 420 horsepower. Cadillac Escalades remind people of living the rich life and gives drivers and passengers plenty of luxurious room, which is why Trump decided to purchase one for his own collection.

Trump’s Escalade is the polar opposite of his Tesla Roadster. With a driving range of approximately 200 miles, this all-electric car can only fit two people in it. It’s rumored that Donald doesn’t even try to fit his 6’2” frame in the small vehicle to try to drive it. Instead, he shows it off in his showroom, and with a breathtaking car like this, you can’t really blame him.

When it comes to luxury, Donald Trump is willing to pay the price. According to sources, Trump purchased the Mercedes-Maybach S600 for $200,000, which is just pennies compared to some of the other cars in his collection. Thanks to the V12 engine in this vehicle, Trump can go zero to 60 in five seconds flat. Now, that’s some real power for a powerful man.

The 1993 Allante was designed and manufactured in Italy, but it was the last model to be issued. Even though it’s not the fastest car out there, with its 295 horsepower engine, Trump saw something in the car and added it to his extensive collection.

Among all of the other cars in Trump’s collection, of course, he has to have a Ferrari in the mix. He may not own the fire red 2007 Ferrari Coupe anymore, but it’s definitely worth talking about. In 2011, Trump sold the car at an auction in Florida with less than 3,000 miles for $270,000!

Donald definitely knows good taste when it comes to his vehicles, but he’s not always looking for speed or flash when it comes to what he’s driving around. Trump also has some not-so-ordinary vehicles in his collection, as well.

Donald sure has a flair for the expensively dramatic, which is what led him to contact Orange County Choppers to commission them to make him a one-of-a-kind 24-karat gold Orange County Chopper. The Discovery Channel originally filmed the job on the show, which explains why he wanted the motorcycle in the first place.

Donald was supposed to drive the pace car during the Indianapolis 500, but due to conflicts with his schedule, he had to cancel. So what else would Trump do, but add the pace car to his own collection? There are only 500 replicas of the 1969 model, and Trump is the proud owner of one of them!

One of Trump’s most well-known vehicles is the sassy Cadillac limo that he nicknamed “The Beast.” This $1.5 million vehicle has a bomb-proof undercarriage, mounted tear gas cannons, and bullet-proof glass. Not to mention, the life support machine and blood supply on board, you know, just in case something happens to the president.

Donald Trump’s car collection is obviously quite impressive, but cars aren’t the only way that Trump gets to where he needs to go. Check out the other modes of transportation that Donald has in his collection!

You may not find this surprising in the least, but Donald purchased a Boeing 757 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2011. Using the plane to serve as his private jet, Trump had 24-karat gold seat-belt buckles installed, TVs, and of course, there’s enough room for 43 passengers. Talk about flying in style!

President Trump may not have a Blackhawk or some other kind of military-styled helicopter, but he does have a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter! It’s not a decked-out chopper, but this $7 million helicopter sure does get the job done.

So, what car was your favorite? Are you even more green with envy now that you’ve seen what Donald is driving around in? We know that we are!