Trump Drives Media Agenda, Taunts Democrats In The Process.

Trump Drives Media Agenda, Taunts Democrats In The Process. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

As president, Donald Trump has many hats to wear. Not only is he responsible for trying to run a divided country, but he’s constantly having to defend himself, his actions, and his tweets. More often than not, being able to appeal to the masses has been his strength, but now that 23 Democrats are trying to replace him, he’s having to speak a little louder.

Initially, Trump was dismissed for bashing the NFL over the anthem protests, but they failed to see how he uses the media to drive his political messages. Because of this approach, President Trump is consistently in the middle of every national argument and has become quite skilled at engaging the divided United States in constant political debates. Needless to say, President Trump has become hard to get away from.

President Trump’s approach shows the incredible amount of energy and persistence that he has, but those that consider themselves critics of Trump find him to be exhausting. Michelle Goldberg, a liberal New York Times columnist, was interviewing a woman at a rally for Joe Biden when she was told: “I don’t want an exciting president. We have a lot of excitement right now, in a bad way.”

While he’s attended recent rallies and posted tweets, President Trump has made comments such as “Bernie’s crazy” and “Looks like Bernie Sanders is history. Sleepy Joe Biden is pulling ahead … China wants Sleepy Joe BADLY!” He also accused Biden, a native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, of having “deserted” his home state, even though Biden was just 11 when his family moved out of the state.

Despite the fact that many people believe that Trump’s Biden-bashing is actually helping the former vice president, Trump is putting himself into the Democratic primaries in a very unusual way. Unlike presidents from the past, who have been represented by a spokesperson to respond to attacks with a paragraph or two, President Trump, on the other hand, has become the news himself.

According to The Washington Post, Trump has recently voiced his opinion on issues like Jussie Smollett, the Kentucky Derby, the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral as well as the Boston Red Sox, and Tiger Woods (who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump). Not to mention his usual firings against “Crooked Hillary,” the witch hunt, and his declaring of Justin Amash as a “loser” when he became the first congressman of the GOP to call for his impeachment.

One of Trump’s biggest advantages is that he puts himself in the middle of every conversation, causing everyone else, including the Democrats, to give him a reaction. The main thing that Trump has going for him is that he caters to his fanbase, who clearly loves his approach, without having to convert new supporters.

Trump’s approach might just be necessary, even though the country’s economy is booming, with the unemployment rate at the lowest it’s been in half a century. Typically, with results like that, re-election would be a no-brainer.

According to the New York Times, Trump and the Republicans aren’t expecting on the strong economy for re-election in 2020: “President Trump and his top advisers sent mixed signals about a possible war with Iran. Mr. Trump outlined a hard-line immigration proposal that had little chance of passing, but refocused attention on the most incendiary issue of his presidency. His drumbeat about tariffs on China sent the stock market gyrating. And in Alabama, the Republican governor signed a bill that would effectively ban abortion…”

The New York Times continued by saying: “Such divisive and destabilizing stands — driven by Mr. Trump’s political impulses and by emboldened conservatives — could end up alienating swing voters and could help Democrats.”

Meanwhile, Trump has defied all of the experts and geniuses in the media by bringing the grievances right to the White House. Whether it makes political sense for Trump to be such a presence in the everyday lives of the American people, it doesn’t really matter. This is who Trump is and it’s not going to be any different until you unplug from the media.

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