15 Items People Should Have Left At Home Before Boarding Their Flight.

15 Items People Should Have Left At Home Before Boarding Their Flight. May 15, 2020

If you’ve ever been on a plane then you already know that it can be a rigorous process to actually be allowed into the terminal. You have to arrive two hours (or more) early in order to get in line to be searched. It can be a pretty invasive process, but it’s essential in order to keep everyone safe. Keep scrolling to see some of the crazy things people have tried to sneak onto the plane before the TSA stopped them in their tracks.As one TSA employee explained, “Yeah, I know… It’s a pink plastic toy. But as I’ve explained before, anything that resembles a grenade is not permitted. At all. Jurassic’n for a bag search if you pack one.” So remember, if you try to sneak toy weapons on an airplane the TSA will have a bone to pick with you.

“This crusty ol’ chap is actually a prop from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. He was brought through a checkpoint at the Atlanta (#ATL) International Airport, where as you can see, he was screened and sent on his jolly way.”

That’s exactly what the TSA had to say when they found 80 pounds of marijuana packed in a carry-on. Their “jazz cabbage” was confiscated.

Even though it’s perfectly fine to carry a lobster in your carry-on luggage, it’s important to check with the airline first for packing instructions.

Who wouldn’t want a comb that could protect you against more than just a bad hair day?

Fortunately, the 6-month-old kitty was found by TSA before the flight at Erie International Airport. Was it an accident that the cat got in there?

But the TSA wasn’t letting this one slide by. What were they thinking anyways? Just because you take vitamins doesn’t mean you’re exempt from being searched.

That weapon is no joke. They obviously had plans to seriously hurt someone. Thanks TSA! You may have saved someone’s life this time, but not so much on the next one.

Well, if you did, you can go to their lost and found where they’re safely storing it for you. But honestly, how does one lose their grill?

This is two weeks worth of alcohol that the TSA confiscated at the Boston Logan Airport. Any alcohol they take is destroyed every two weeks, or so they say. More like the alcohol is destroyed at company parties every two weeks.

Well there’s no use for the gun powder after the confiscate your fuses. How did you think this was going to play out?

So as soon as the TSA saw these baseball grenades they immediately confiscated. Little did they know that they were actually props from the movie Kingsman.

But we’re almost positive that there’s nothing you can do with this on a plane. Better just leave all of your spearguns at home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a YouTube star trying to see if the TSA would let you bring an enormous teddy bear on the plane. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a prank. No teddy bear should be left behind. Ever.

This person put in a bit of effort to sneak their black powder onto the plane. Luckily, the TSA was one step ahead of them.